If you are Android user, it’s old news to have two sim cards in the same phone.

Manufacturers like Sony, Huawei, OnePlus and Nokia sells namely models, where there is space to, for example, a home number and a work number in the form of two physical sim cards.

But as from today also iPhone users take advantage of the opportunity. In any case, if they own a newer model and it has one number with the phone company 3.

Unlike on Android phones is one of the numbers on an internal eSIM card, as only 3 supports. The second number is on a physical sim card, where there is free choice of provider.

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How it works

When you have two active numbers in your iPhone, you can in the phone’s settings to decide which of the numbers to be used for mobile data.

You can give each number a name, so they are easy to separate from each other, when you call or send messages. For example, by calling one PRIVATE and the other for WORK.

You can also control which of the two numbers must be the primary, which you can use to FaceTime and send iMessage Vevobahis messages with. The secondary number can only be used for calls, sms and any mobile network – but not iMessage or FaceTime.

You can also choose to have one number only to mobile data, if you for example buy a data card at the holidays.

You can change at any time in the settings of the two numbers directly in the phone’s menu.

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even Though the technology is well known from Android phones, think privatkundedirektør David Alsace from 3, that many more will now gather their cell phone numbers in the same phone.

– Many have an iPhone, and when Apple, at the same time market the eSIM as an option, come more to know to the technology, predicts he.

– You don’t have to run around with two phones at the same time. And you can use the iPhone, as your employer might not want to provide you, with both your private number and arbejdsnummeret.

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getting started

If you own an iPhone XS, XS Max or XR you can use two phone numbers.

You have to move one of the numbers to the eSIM from your telephone company. So far supports only 3 possibility and takes the 100 dollars in the fee to make your physical sim card to eSIM.

If you purchase a new subscription, it doesn’t cost extra to choose eSIM, rather than a physical sim card.

The relocation is done virtually and requires no wait time.

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