Express newspaper (21/5), claims the leading social democrats that ”We social democrats are engaged in an uncompromising struggle against crime. At the same time, that it is important for a safe and secure society for all’, which provide protection and redress for victims of crime.” As a result of this ”uncompromising struggle”, added, now, an investigation is based on the assumption that more people will be able to be deported because of a crime, an improvement in the protection against the deportation of the victims of crime and better ways to refuse and revoke residence permits, by reason of the breach.
So the real policy is the opposite of
that is how it is, according to the social democrats, on the piece of paper, but the reality says something else.

‘S have told flatly’ no ‘ to every proposal that we sverigedemokrater has been presented, aimed at accurately hitting hard and wide to the crime.

‘ S have had to work to ignore, and ignoring the victims of crime. Any tendency for the restoration have been thwarted.

‘ S been through derogatory expressions, avhumaniserat those who put forward a policy proposal which says: the commit that you, as a foreigner, the serious crime in Sweden, then you have exhausted your entitlement to remain in the country.

< P has had to work to ignore, and ignoring the victims of crime, and type of the SD ends.Photo by: , JANNE ÅKESSON/SWEPIX is the SD of the proposals that’s ruled out
We are Sverigedemokrater in the parliament, have presented quantities of his proposal, which would be an adverse effect on the criminal element at the same time as the victim of the crime will be strengthened. Some examples of these are:

, and It should be mandatory to always consider the question of deportation, where a non-citizen committing a crime in Sweden, where the men are straffminimum.

Is a non-citizen committed a serious crime, expulsion is always possible. If, for any reason, it is outright impossible to tell a person, it shall be placed in custody until such time as he or she can choose to leave the country and thereby avoid further frihetsberövning.

today, we have a system where the victims are expected to recover punitive damages from the perpetrators, with the assistance of the insurance company or to the magistrate’s office. This is an unacceptable arrangement. We want the government to immediately pay the penalty the damages awarded to the victim of the crime, and is subsequently responsible for the recovery of the amount from the offender.

the social democrats have rejected and fought against. At the same time, there is nowhere good that they finally seem to be listening to our suggestions. We welcome any move towards a policy that is based on the sense and balance. The problem is that a lot who have created so much damage in such a short period of time, it has a credibility that is equal to zero.
to remain, and the re-offending of the social democrats have governed in this country by the systemic inertia and set the stage for insecurity, division and fear. The aliens, who clearly should be banished from the land are still there, driving around and re-offending. Flipping to face the issues related to the expulsion of aliens, värnet of the victim, and the other trygghetsrelaterade issues, is mind-boggling.

Now they want to send a signal to wake up. To start with, take the responsibility and ask of the English people, sorry for you time and time again, swept the problems under the carpet. To show you that the party is able to exercise at the very least, something that could be described as soul-searching, and that you have come to the realization. Only then will you repentance, and you say, if greater security is to be taken seriously.

the Party.

Rättspolitisk spokesman.

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