The leader of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, today accused the head of the Executive of knowing about the alleged corruption plot in the mask case known as the ‘Koldo case’ for more than three years and “covering it up.”

In his turn, the leader of the PSOE and head of the Executive, Pedro Sánchez, responded that he came to the Presidency of the PP to “cover up” corruption, given that his predecessor, Pablo Casado, “fell for denouncing a corruption plot of Mrs. Ayuso in the Community of Madrid”.

“You knew it and you covered it up,” Feijóo snapped at Sánchez in a harsh scuffle in the Plenary Session of Congress that occurred one day after the former minister and former Secretary of Organization of the PSOE, José Luis Ábalos, decided to retain his seat. and move to the Mixed Group, despite the request that the PSOE Executive had made to him to deliver his minutes.

Feijóo has insisted that Sánchez “knew” about this alleged plot, “at least for more than three years” and has said “his Secretary of Organization will not serve as a firewall.”

“This plot arises in the head of his party, it is installed in the heart of his Government and marks the birth certificate of his career,” he warned, to warn him that “the fall of Mr. Ábalos’s misfortune does not protect him” but rather ” “undresses him”

Feijóo has asked Sánchez to “not spread” what he has “underneath” or put on the “fan” when the judge “is” investigating his Government and his party. “Stop insulting the intelligence of the Spanish people every day and all hours,” he requested.

In his reply, Sánchez has stressed that it causes “blush” that the PP thinks that “it can take political advantage of corruption” and has stated that his Executive is “ruthless” and “incompatible” against corruption.

“This is a Government that does not cover up corruption. It is a government that fights corruption face to face, and does so not with empty speeches like you, but with facts and actions,” he said, alluding to the investigation commission that is going to be created.

Sánchez told Feijóo that to be “credible in his role as Torquemada” both he and the PP should have “another resume”, while recalling some cases that have affected the ‘popular’, such as the ‘Bárcenas case’. .

“We came to the Government to banish corruption from politics and you have come to the head of the PP to cover it up,” he snapped, to ensure that Pablo Casado, the previous leader of the PP, “fell for denouncing a corruption plot of the Mrs. Ayuso in the Community of Madrid. “And you are standing up to cover up and tolerate that corruption,” he told her.

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