It looks like a game, but the “kids Bank” is in New Delhi serious. Children from the Slums can Deposit money. How does the social project? And why a few cents are so important?

“I’m the best in math, so I got the Job,” says Sheikh Sameer, as he opens the Desk of the children’s Bank. Its customers, all of them children from the Slum are next door, been well-behaved in a row. You have your savings book, and a few rupee notes in Hand.

Now Priya’s turn. The 14-Year-old now pays the equivalent of 30 cents to your account. “I trust the Bank, all other children pay your money in here, too. And I can save a lot of money.”

“My savings is in pig again and again

Priya stolen” comes almost every day to the children’s Bank. If she has already earned money, you can keep it. To be home or even if she carries the money, it’s not safe, she says: “My savings is stolen pig. My brothers have it ripped under the nail, I think. That’s why I don’t keep my money now better at home.”

Priya pays no pocket money, she goes to work since she is eight years old. After school, she goes with her mother to the wholesale market, every day you hope that there is enough onion bags. Then you sort the good from the bad, the small and the large. “20 to 25 bags I got of the day. For this, I get the equivalent of around three euros.”

Priya needs to work on the onion market, in order to support their family. Each of the bags weighs around 80 pounds.

child labor, which is not so

The whole afternoon until late in the evening, Priya squats between the red onions. Most of the money you Liderbahis earned here, she gives her mother. Four children must bring as a day labourer, since it is also dependent on the money, what is worthy of your daughter here.

child labor is not actually banned in India. Officially, Priya helps her mother, on the other hand is legal. The runs in the case of many poor children in India. But a small part of the income is allowed to keep the 14-Year-old. So you pays your tutoring lessons. And every penny is then left of it, lands on your Bank account. “With the money Saved maybe I can help my parents. If it is not good, I can pay for the medical expenses.”

recently there are for the poor in India, health insurance for which you don’t have to pay. For this, you will be treated free in the hospital. For a visit to the doctor, and the insurance does not apply.

start-up capital for a business of your own

The children should not be able to save in the Bank only relaxed, but also learn to properly deal with money. If you are 16 and have a certain sum saved up, you can request the help of the organisation operating the project, a loan. As a start-up capital for a private business or training, says the project Manager, J. B. Oli: “The children watch, whether the Plan is viable. Whether there is a real Chance of success. Whether the Business strategy is right. After that, you decide whether you are awarded the loan or not.”

It is important that the children could manage nearly everything related to the Bank alone to decide, says the project Manager. It will only turn on if there is a problem and he pays the money to the children on an account of a “real” Bank, so that the children get interest.

Bank Manager Sheikh Sameer is proud of his Job, later he would, however, prefer to doctor

Prefer to be a doctor as a Director of the Bank

Sheikh Sameer, the young Director of the Bank, closed his Desk and counts the money again, it matches with the day’s receipts. Sheikh takes his Job seriously and is proud of the fact that the other children have voted for him. “There have been so many to choose from and I’m it has become, which I thought was really cool,” he says.

in Spite of his experience, Sheikh Sameer wants to become later a Banker. “I want to be a doctor. A lot of people here can’t afford treatment, because they are so poor. That is why I want to work in a hospital, the complimentary therapies on offer.”

Until then, it’s a long way to go. Yet, it is rather the exception that a child from an Indian Slum can also be a doctor. But from the children’s Bank, Sheikh Sameer will get support for it.

The youngest Bank in the world – the slum children are Directors of the Bank
Silke Diettrich, ARD New Delhi
09.12.2018 16:28 PM

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