in the time of this writing has cost the lives of mankind more than 344 000 for of life, can lead to the health benefits of the extension? Probably, if we are to learn from the emergency rule has the homework.

In april, plummeted the prescription of antibiotics for children under five years of age. The jacks fell by almost 70% compared to a year ago.

and What comes standard luftvägsantibiotika, the decline is even more radical, with 77 per cent, according to statistics published by E-authority and a network of Tight, as the struggle for rational use of antibiotics.

It gives you a hint as to covid-19 a-virus comes into play. When people are physically, the distance is reduced säsongssmittornas the spread, which is exactly what they have been doing for years. Antibiotics, the bite is certainly not the influenza virus, but not the second luftvägsinfektionerna, which is caused by the bacteria.

for the people who are in need of a course of antibiotics, do not get one, it is, of course, a very bad thing.

another possible explanation for the antibiotikanedgången would be to hand hygiene has been enjoying a renaissance. Moreover, many on the inclination to seek medical care unnecessarily at the moment. This means that the availability of medical care at the practice has been reduced, and ”the overuse of antibiotics is directly related to the availability,” said Folkhälsomyndighetens, Karin Tegmark-Wizell Today’s Medicine.

and Yet, you can, of course, is not to say, of the reduction in the prescription has been fully healthy. If the people who are really going to need a course of antibiotics, do not get one, because they or their parents aren’t going to care, of course, it is a very bad thing.

It wouldn’t hurt if the doctors were some of the farmoderliga advice on the importance of proper hand washing

this Is the överförskrivningen of the antibiotics more than anyone had imagined? How has the reform in 2016, which made a prescription drug, it is free of charge for children under the age of 18 years, have affected the antibiotikaförskrivningen? Although the reduction in the number of withdrawals over the next few years, I am very pleased, but think the downward trend had been stronger, the reform has not come yet?

it Should be the doctors to change their advice when they prescribe antibiotics? It is already clear that they will have to impress just how important it is that the patient takes the entire course of treatment and not stop half way, because if drug-resistant bacteria to survive and multiply. However, it might not hurt if they were in some of the farmoderliga advice on the importance of proper hand washing and sneezing and coughing into the elbow.

as a result, The advice that we should all take to heart, of course, if the novel coronavirus were to disappear tomorrow is the day.

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