eagerly awaited by the automobile sector, the sector support plan, which Emmanuel Macron must submit Tuesday is also the French who had intended to buy a new car. A study by Ipsos titled “Navigator”, of which the Figaro had scoop, shows that the majority of the French who had the intention to buy a car before the health crisis, have not questioned this project. According to this poll, 24% of the French say they wish to acquire a car in the course of the next 18 months.

In detail, 55% of respondents who had, before the crisis of the Covid 19, this intent to purchase, remain determined to offer a car. 27 % have even been strengthened in this project, to the extent where the car appears as a guarantee of security, allowing the social distancing.

According to the survey, only 18% of the French who had intended to buy a car before the crisis of the coronavirus, now say they are less determined. And this mainly due to economic reasons. 78% show the financial restraint ; 31% say wait for a price drop, and 20% of the aid, if any, of the State.

The pandemic has been drummed into the cards. The French are waiting for signs of the builders and the government.

Nicolas Cardon, expert automotive at Ipsos

” The purchase intention is still very strong in France more than in other european countries “, emphasizes Nicolas Cardon, expert automotive and mobility at Ipsos. “But the pandemic has been drummed into the cards. The French are waiting for signs from the manufacturers on price in particular. But also from the government on its plan of action to help the sector. There is also a windfall effect, a strategy of opportunism, ” says-t it.

If the determination of purchase is generally still there, the French are reluctant, in fact, on different criteria. Among those who have the intention to buy a car, 24% have postpone this purchase for later. 29% hesitate between the nine or the occasion. And, finally, 10% are wondering about the type of engine and are thinking instead of the hybrid. “It is a sign that this pandemic has awakened the consciences of climate “, analyzes Nicolas Cardon.

Finally, the study shows that 16% of the French who had intended to buy a vehicle today are reluctant to make a concession. In contrast, 24% say they are ready to buy a car online.

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rent or Buy ?

Anonymele 25/05/2020 18:30

Only the pensioners will still have the means to buy nice new cars. They are the ones, once again and despite the fact that they are the ones who have ruined France, which will take advantage of the opportunity. For those who build these cars, they STILL have to make more effort.

Anonymele 25/05/2020 18:25

Then it is simple, the potential buyers: rather than wait for a new government assistance, you open a negotiation with the commercial. You will see it is a very stimulating (even if I personally don’t like to negotiate, it is a vulgar). If you are not willing to do it, is that the real need is without a doubt very little of this. Please do not spoil our taxes in this case…

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