(Finansavisen.no): on Wednesday, had oil prices fallen close to 21 dollars, 25 per cent, from the peak in early October. This provides a huge case, also in the state’s total net worth.

In august rejected the committee led by professor and principal Øystein Thøgersen proposal from Norges Bank to remove energiaksjene from its oil wealth. Norges Bank’s argument for an oil-free Oljefond was that this would reduce the state’s overall risk linked to oil prices, writes Finansavisen.

Thøgersen-selection said, in principle, agree that such a grip would reduce the state’s oljeprisrisiko, but felt that the payoff would be so small against the big loss from a lasting oljeprisfall that it would not be worth it.

Equinor down 13 %

From the 3. October to yesterday is the value of Equinor down 13 percent to 665 billion, according to Finansavisen.

the State owns 67 per cent direct and 3.3 per cent through the government pension fund norway, and has consequently had an impairment of just over 72 billion.

the State’s direct ownership in the oil industry, SDFI, is worth close to 50 per cent more than the entire Equinor and approximately twice that of the state Equinor-shares. Rystad Energy valued in the summer on behalf of the ministry of Petroleum and energy EXPENSES to 1.093 billion, up 35 per cent from the previous valuation in 2016.

Newspaper writes that for the SDFI isolated estimates Rystad Energy that a lasting realprisfall on the 20 dollar barrel provides an impairment at 133 billion, when also the effect of lower oil prices on the krone exchange rate is considered.

Here included also the assumption that such a lower prisbilde will lead to a 12 per cent fewer of the future discoveries will be realized.

Only stable

Also Thøgersen-the committee looked at the effect of a oljeprisfall of about the same scale as we have seen in the fall. A lasting fall in prices of 20 percent reduces the present value of the state’s future oil income with 1,750 square billion.

So far it is only the largest part of the state’s oil-related wealth is almost unchanged, writes the newspaper. the

At the beginning of October was NBIM worth 8.400 billion and there is value still. the


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