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I went to the movies and fell in love, and I am not alone in it. “Bohemian Rhapsody” has been high in the cinema top lists since the premiere. I love how the film focuses on Freddie Mercury’s completely luminous musical talent. How the british rock band Queen played and experimented until the songs which became the immortal classics. Four “misfits” who lift each other, and talking to other misfits in the back of the room.

But the film has also received fierce criticism for how it portrays homosexuality, or rather shy of the subject. Dancing around it, and instead, gives much space to the kärleksrelationen and the friendship that Freddie Mercury had with Mary Austin. At the same time reflects the criticism in itself how far we have come. For the singer, estradören, the virtuoso, the magician Freddie Mercury never came really out as gay. In a touching scene in the film tells the Mercury for the band of their hiv diagnosis, and he describes the silence that defiant resistance.

“I’m not going to be someone’s victim, someone’s aids-affischpojke or a cautionary example.”

was Called ”bögpesten”

An hiv-diagnosis were in the 80’s a death sentence. In Sweden, Jonas Gardells “never Wipe tears without gloves” painful clearly illustrated how Celtabet society treated it, which was called the “bögpesten”. How the papers branded and skamstämplade. How gay couples sneaked with his love, how the events was masked to allow, how discrete signals would show: I am as you see me.

“When Mark and I renovated the apartment, we were gone for a few weeks during the stambytet and when we got back we had the artisans written, ”bögjävlar” all over the bedroom wall. We entered not, for it was as we were accused,” said Jonas Gardell for the newspaper Aftonbladet.

With Pride was the message: We are here. We are queer. Adapt yourself.

the Road to transparency is full of adversity, and than it is many places in the world where it is dangerous to be openly gay. In the US, hate crime against homosexuals, and when Donald Trump took the White house too the stakes for the lgbt group’s rights away from the website.

Expelling openly gay

Than seething prejudices here in modern Sweden. A friend who is a teacher tells of a student come out, and then forced to live with relatives. A mother said to her daughter “you Will be paired with a girl so I will take the life out of me.”

Guide in the policy plays the role of both setbacks and progress. The sweden democrats have not supported a single reform for the lgbt group’s rights. SD-parliamentarian Rickard Jomshof want to criminalize Pride. In the DN set author Johan Hilton the issue: “protect me as gay if the politicians cooperate with the SD?”

But the Swedish government also bears a heavy responsibility for expelling openly gay people to countries where it means persecution, imprisonment and apparent danger to their lives. Many are forced to continue to hide who they are.

Freddie Mercury masked so much of his life. The roots in Zanzibar, kärleksrelationen that was a safe point until his death in 1991.

We have come a long way. The path towards openness must continue.