Knokke-Heist, A 25-year-old woman from Deerlijk was Friday morning, personally present in the city chambers to her kidnapper in the eyes. “He offered his apologies, but many believe I am not there,” says Phoebe D. Dressed up as nepagent tried Stijn T. (35) from Damme and two other women to kidnap. He must be coming soon for the court to justify that.

The facts of which Phebe D. (25) from this Ad almost a year ago, the victim, seem to be almost directly from the script of a hollywood movie. “A lot of people believed me then also not immediately when I give them the story to me”, testifies to Phoebe. On 26 december last year, she lived still in Assebroek. She left that day morning to her work at Bpost in Knokke. In the Natiënlaan Knokke she was suddenly, along the side, taken by an anonymous police vehicle. “The agent told me that my car aimed at was for an accident with vluchtmisdrijf. He pretended to he called to the dispatch and made me spanbandjes to. In my own car, he took me to the police station.”

Meticulously planned

The agent turned out to Stijn T. (35) from Damme. He had dressed up as an agent and even had a weapon. The spanbandjes he had himself manufactured, and also the blue flashing light in his Alfa Romeo proved to be homemade with blue tape and an indicator. “Everything seemed so real that I me no questions asked”, Phoebe continued. “Through the Kalvekeetdijk we drove three miles further to the football field of Knokke. When we were on the parking lot and stopped, I knew something not right was.” Further investigation revealed that T. is all meticulously planned. During the three-kilometer-long trek dodged all politiecamera.


In the parking lot to the football field knew Phoebe eventually, to escape her kidnapper. “He was again left to, so to speak, to call with a colleague. In the zijspiegel of my car, I saw him an orange cloth out of it. I have one of my hands loosen and I Betgram stepped out. The man continued, however, have a gun to my head and threw me back in the car. From a reflex, I have the central locking may activate. Because the engine is still turned, I could immediately drive off.”

Phoebe drove to her work and told the story to her colleagues. She turned back to the Natiënlaan, but the Alfa Romeo T. was already gone. Together with the police Phebe a robotfoto of her kidnapper. Two days later, recognized the woman and her attacker in a photo file. In February, the man was arrested and held.

Unclear motive

About his motive is still a lot of uncertainty. Stijn T. himself stated that he urgently needed money, had to 300 euros in gambling debts to pay off. Phoebe was, according to him, a random victim, but there attaches to her lawyer little faith. “I think that this dossier is just the tip of the iceberg. There are indications that the man was my client already been followed. Three months for the facts, he was still at work, been to the a / c system to work.” Last year was Stijn T. three times by the police, caught with weapons, spanbandjes and other materials in his car. The weapons were seized, but T. if each time.

two victims

After the reading of his deeds in the press, got two other women to the police. On 19 February and 2 march last year tried the Dammenaar them in the same way to the colonies in Bruges and Jabbeke. Friday morning, referred the court in Brugge T. by for the abduction of Phoebe and the two failed attempts at the other two women. Phoebe looked at him during the session right in the eyes. “He offered to apologize to, but a lot of faith hecht, I was not there. I hope just that he is his punishment.” Stijn T. is still sitting in prison. His trial is on January 7 of start.