Turn your relationship cracks, or if you are in doubt, whether it really is your partner, you want to have children with?

So can ‘Singletown’ – a new realityprogram, which is soon to hit Denmark, be the solution.

In ‘Singletown’, the aim is to test the participants ‘ love for each other, and the pair agree to put their relationship on pause, so the status of the singles can enjoy four weeks each for himself in Copenhagen. Here, the among other things, on parties, dates, and other temptations.

Continuously get the pairs the opportunity to continue the experiment as singles or return to everyday life.

It is Discovery Networks Denmark, who is behind the new realitysatsning, and here welcomes that the program hits the streaming service Dplay to fall.

– We have the recent years seen a great many as examples reality programmes such, where it basically is about finding love. Here we have for the first time a realityprogram that puts the focus on what comes in the wake of the great infatuation and love: namely parforholdets hardships and the big question, it sounds from the reaction of the Arrow Gundelach Brandstrup.

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She denotes ‘Singletown’ as a k√¶rlighedseksperiment and continues:

– I think many know that stage in a relationship where you are considering if the grass is greener on the other side, and you are in doubt, whether you are together with the right. In the program we give the pairs a break from each other, where they get the opportunity to sniff at it, which is on the other side, so they can find out whether it is so much better than what they already have. It is, therefore, the entire afklaringsprocessen and the experience that the participants themselves along the way, which are the engine of the program.

‘Singletown’ produced by Nordisk Film TV and filming will take place in Copenhagen this summer. The casting is in full swing, and if the program sounds exciting, can join with his partner here.

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In the Uk, the programme has so far scored a single season, which was shown last fall. Here selected three couples to find together again, a single pair went each to his, while the last pair were already broken up at the end of the programme, since the male party had chosen to leave the program in frustration that his girlfriend did not want to tie themselves to him.

Meanwhile, realitydanmark awaiting the new programme, is that new for the fans of the flagship ‘Ex on the Beach’. In February announced the Discovery Networks Denmark, that one was gone in the time with the casting for a fifth season. It came covid-19 in the way of, but to Ekstra Bladet informs medieselskabet that you expect to be able to offer more ‘Ex’ to autumn.

According to Ekstra information they have chosen to do a season that takes place in Denmark. It rejected, however, pure of the Discovery Networks.