Art+ FÖLJVerkliga people do not go to simuleraFolkmassan as a phenomenon in the marabou park 1 of 2 | Photo: MarabouparkenI the new installation Piabet of the artist Anna Ådahl as shown at Marabouparken, the focus is on how to simulate crowds digital.ART

the Beauty of birds that moves like a body in the sky, a school of fish or the hustle and bustle of an anthill. It is the impression that fascinate man, perhaps because they are a reflection of her own collective identity. To be a dot in a lot of means to be obliterated as an individual, but also constitutes a condition of defense and strength. Organized crowds can get communities to reform, collective agreements can provide help to the weaker. When the mass degenerates in mobbvälde and despotism, and the edifying potential has been lost, has the protection of the individual ceased. Each one gets quarry.

Mass phenomena of interest to the artist Anna Ådahl . In the new installation, which appears at Marabouparken, the focus is on how to simulate crowds digital. This is done mainly to create computer games and crowd scenes in the film. But it is also used for the control and monitoring of urban environments. The gallery room is built like a tribune, where the man looks down at the installation, in order to remind you of the sublime and the controlling power position. When you get down in the exhibition space become a part of it as is considered.

The movie that is shown begins with a short sequence with desperate refugees, who are about to cross a border. Then follow the various youtube clips of how to create digital crowds. You get to see the armies of the bodies and the various flows of fictional crowds, photos from the various monitoring and spåranordningar and how this is represented graphically. And also visualisations of the data we create as we surf the web.

A robotröst from program instructors who explain how the programs work are interspersed with the artist’s own reflections. Anna Ådahl mean that to program a crowd is a political act. It means to create a reduced picture of the man. In a simulated mass, everyone moves properly according to the default templates. But the real organic people are not flawless, and their intricate dependence on each other is not possible to simulate. Some busts are 3D prints of the stick figures in the software to simulate crowds shows very clearly how far they are from living people.

the Thesis is clear and pedagogically mediated. A little sand on the floor has avfotograferats of a microscopic camera, so that you can see the individual grains. It is to be understood in analogy with how the individual man emerges as distinct from the anonymous mass. It is not given so much room for interpretation for the viewer. Especially not if you read the detailed väggtexterna. I had hoped that more been left to my imagination and co-creative ability.