Nothing goes beyond the retention of Power. Who loses an election to an office, you must define the lost office, only new and its powers diminish, to spoil to the winner of the elections, the political Süpplein strong. From a Prime Minister, a mere figurehead, a President is a laughing stock.

On this crooked way, the Republicans in the state of Wisconsin are currently trying to, the loss of the Governor’s post in the November elections as far as possible to cushion. The previous Governor Scott Walker, a Republican, lost his office to the Democrats, Tony Evers. In the state Parliament in the capital city of Madison, the Republicans will, however, continue in both chambers of the majority.

The loss of the Executive ached all the more, as the Republican majority in Parliament Governor Walker in 2011, had granted significant new powers. Walker, over a number of years, a Star of the party, should change Wisconsin in the Republican sense, and by the way, for higher orders in Washington recommend. After his defeat at the beginning of November, the Republican members of the house went immediately to work, the power of the in January, advancing democratic Governor to crop and to strengthen the Position of Parliament.

winner of the November election: Democrat Tony Evers. (Keystone/AP)

North Carolina as a model

this had the Republicans in the southern state of North Carolina: After the Democrat Roy Cooper in 2016, surprisingly, the Governor had won, and narrowed the Republican majority in the state Parliament the Power of the Governor. Cooper pulled in front of the courts, the complaints are still pending. Betbaba

In Wisconsin, threatened with a Similar fate now. “I think the newly elected Governor Evers will bring a liberal policy to Wisconsin,” says Scott Fitzgerald, the Republican Leader in the state Senate, the actions of his party. It was necessary to ensure that the Governor crush the Parliament.

protests in Madison

What in 2011 was completely in order, threatens the state structure. “We may have made some mistakes, and Governor Walker is too much Power left,” says Robin Vos, the Republican majority leader in the Wisconsin house of representatives. The new Governor wants to know about it, of course, nothing and accuses his opponents to accept the election result of November.

On Monday and Tuesday it came, therefore, to protests in front of the State legislature in Madison. “Respects our voices”, demanded the protesters. So far, the Republican members of the house are not receded, however. The new Governor has already announced that he would, if necessary, before the courts in order to defend his Power. Until a decision is reached, of course, might be months. (Editorial Tamedia)

Created: 04.12.2018, 19:43 PM