Djurhjälten+ FÖLJPRESENTERAS AVHär rescued the cat Sixten from the water-filled röretSVENSKA HEROES

The mysterious hounding on Kronaskolan in Älvängen proved to come from the cat Sixten, which was a mile under the ground.

He was confined in a tube – full of water.

When was the big bail-out time.

on Monday could both pupils and teachers hear a mewing in the Kronaskolans schoolyard in Älvängen. But the cat was out of sight, but the sound was heard from one of the downpipes, something Most reported on.

– My son Meldin called home and told me that they heard the mewing, and that a cat was in trouble. I was nearby so I went there, ” says Johan Wester Velic.

When he came to the place and had both the teacher and the janitor tried to get the cat out of the tube.

– I heard how the cat had water in his lungs, it was drowning. Then I thought: We must do something before it is too late, ” he says.

1 of 6 | Photo: PrivatAsfaltskapare used to save Sixten.”Could barely open his eyes – was so nerkyld”

Johan, who works as a carpenter, and twisted away into the drainpipe, but there was no cat. Then he decided to call for help.

– I called the police, the emergency services and djurambulansen. They said they could Vevobahis not help and did not have the equipment required, ” says Johan, who was determined to rid the Sixten wherever he found himself.

Johan decided to make a call, this time to a company that cleans the pipes.

– They had a camera so we could see that the cat was about four to five feet away from the wall and about a meter under the earth, ” says Johan.

the Next step was to get through the asphalt to help Sixten below the soil and jamade. Nor is it prevented Johan, who called her cousin in the municipality, and saw that a asfaltskapare came to the school.

– We cut in the asphalt, dug up the drain pipe where the cat lay and cut it. When we got off Sixten, he could barely open his eyes because he was so nerkyld, ” he says and continues:

– But it felt great that we got him out and was able to wrap him in a blanket and give him food and security.

sixten’s family: ”We are incredibly grateful”

The 17-time plingade it to the phone at the home of Siri, Freddy, Max and Ebba – sixten’s family. They had no idea that the kitty stuck in the soil throughout the day, but became extremely concerned when they heard about all that committed to find him.

– We are incredibly grateful for all the help. It was all from the kids at the school, the staff, the caretakers and the carpenter Johan. We are so excited, ” says Siri Skogh.

Sixten damaged its tail – and seven centimeters of the amputee away during an operation conducted on Tuesday night.

– He has become a piece of the tail, but, otherwise, he feels, as usual. He is doing great for the circumstances, ” says Siri, and tells how They now cures itself:

– It is the gos and bran with Max, Ebba, Freddy, and me. We try to take care of him and take it as calmly as possible.