(Finansavisen.en): Visma has made more than 100 acquisitions since 2010, and next year will softwareselskapet earn well over three billion.

– PE-funds regret certainly not purchase, but they paid a solid price at the time. Next year we’re going to sell for somewhere between 15 and 16 billion and the surplus will probably be at around 3.5 billion. We had been listed on the Nasdaq, it is in my opinion likely that we would have been priced at between 60 and 70 billion, says Visma ceo Øystein Moan, to Mallorca.

When the Moan took over taktpinnen in Visma in 1997, the turnover in the company for 200 million.

– We also had at the time, a bit of the ERP business, but we sourced most of its revenue our from softwaresalg to shippingindustrien, as also at the time operating in a global market, ” he says to the newspaper. the

Took off after 2000

Right after the turn of the millennium was shippingdelen of Visma sold to the Netherlands, and the timing could according to Moan, not have been better. the

the Sales happened all the way to the end of the dot.com-wave and the company was sold for just under a billion, which is equivalent to 75 times the EBITDA-result. We hit perfectly with this sale, but I must admit the luck was better than your sanity. A year after the collapsed market for IT shares completely.

After that shippingdelen was sold worked not more than about 100 people in Visma. It should however not be long.

We Safirbet came quite quickly in time to buy businesses. One of our most important acquisition was undoubtedly the hostile acquisition of Per Boassons SPCS in 2001. Spc’s was four times as big as us and had, among other things, a very good position in Sweden, ” says Moan.

Shortly after was the big Norwegian regnskapsbedriften Økonomipartner also acquired and in the course of two years grew the number of employed from 100 to 2,000.

– The time we had no m&a department. All acquisitions were made by me and the CFO Tore Work, but it went well it also, he says to Mallorca.

Many and major acquisitions

In the day is managed m&a at Visma by Mikael Mannik. He definitely has not been latsiden recent years.

– I’ve driven by m&a in Visma for nearly 9 years now and over that period we have done around 120 acquisitions. The level of activity has accelerated sharply and in the past three years we have on average made 20 acquisitions in the year. So far, we come up in 15 acquisitions in 2018, and there are surely more, he says, according to the newspaper.

So far in the year Visma acquired the companies for 2.4 billion. The two largest are made within payroll and HR and it is by far the largest is the Dutch Moraine, as previously, in the fall of was purchased and has 1.6 billion in revenue.

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