The stereotypical perception of thai women only sex sells as the woman annoy Nutsaraa and Charlotte.Video Kik and Lotta will tell you how to overcome cultural differences in a relationship.

, 24 Nutsaran , 24, called Kiki, the couple relationship is a rare quality. Thai women are yes, Finnish men, the most popular spouses as soon as Finnish women but Finnish-thai women is much less.

Lotan and Kiki love was a surprise.

– Was a surprise to fall in love with Finnish, Kik said in English.

He has been to a Finnish course and part of finland to some extent, but English speaking is even easier.

– Finnish grammar is difficult, he reasoned.

Either it wasn’t a surprise to fall in love with women, but the fact that love can be found thousands of miles away, was.

Charlotte and Kik acquainted with LGBT people, namely sexual minorities, asian chat site. Lotta put a website notification, that the backpackers in Asia and is looking for a travel company.

– trip during my however, I read my e-mails. When I returned to Finland, I found Kiki’s message and we started chatting on Line every day.

Line is the asian counterpart Whatsappille. Lotta and Kik began to call, also video calls. To repeat the point you start to develop feelings. Autumn holiday in 2014, when the women were talking online for a couple of months, Lotta travel to bangkok. Kik studied business at the university of Bangkok and the Charlotte tourism industry in Helsinki.

Kik come against me to the airport and we were on my time every day together. We started to plan immediately contact the future.

Charlotte sparked my interest in the site, because he was the only westerner, Kik told me.

Kik and Charlotte. Emmi Oksanenkin get a residence permit easily

the top of the Lotta began traveling to Helsinki and Bangkok matter closely, for travel of studies and part-time jobs along with was easier for her than Kiki. In the summer of 2016, when both were graduates, Kik came three months in Finland and after that the woman went out together for four months to Thailand. Kik apply for a residence permit in Finland in January 2017 and get to move to Finland in July 2017.

I’ve heard a lot of heterosexual couples difficulties of red tape and bureaucracy, but Kik got a residence permit quickly, Charlotte told me.

Now the couple has lived for nearly a year and a half together. Lotta makes tourism work, and Kik is working in the restaurant industry. Kik to find a job relatively easily, though not yet in finland. The couple plans to buy at some point townhouse or duplex apartment current rent for a one bedroom apartment instead. Kik to keep in daily contact with family and friends in Thailand.

my Father call me a video call every day.

They want to travel to Thailand at least once a year. Tourist destinations such as Pattaya and Phuket, they stay far away.

– If you want to see real thailand, you should go to the tourist areas outside. The rest of the people are really friendly, Kik said.

He guesses that the tourist areas thais are tired of the attitude towards tourists just kindly. Lotta talking in thai to some degree.

”Evil apples is a small part of the people”

Charlotte and Kik do not recognize their own couple relationship with the image that the media gave the Finnish and thai relationships. Thai women related stereotypes sex to sell irritants.

– Thai is really a lot compared to the population of Finland. Bad apples is a small part of the people, Lotta said.

– it Is a disgrace, if a thai woman is thought that all offer sex in massage place in. It’s a real shame, Kik ponder.

He shunned also covenants with thai women is a Finnish man considerably younger.

Kik and Lotta went to Hermesbet thailand on a trip to photograph themselves in traditional thai costumes. Lotan and Kiki’s album traffic and clean air

Kik hasn’t faced himself directly to the strong prejudices or racism in Finland and have many things in Finland and in Helsinki.

– Here is calm, public transport in the city works well, the air is clean compared to bangkok’s pollution, people are honest, society is organised and digital services are good, Kik lists.

the Finns, the serious facial expressions are to her, strange, Finnish food is terrible taste and the sauna was a culture shock. He first went to the sauna Lotta’s grandmother, who took him to the house of the company running the sauna.

– Was a shock that people go to the sauna even with strangers, he told reporters.

the Couple intends to stay in Finland and Kik hopes to get Finnish citizenship.

”Neither is the man whose need to unfold”

Both families approve of same-sex foreign partner.

my Family is open-minded, as well as my friends. My best friend adopted a Kiki right away, Lotta said.

my Family accepts us, but they don’t just talk about it. Thais accept sexual and gender minorities generally well, Kik said.

Both feel that the minority has freed them from the traditional odotuksilta.

– We are not like heterosexual couples. We have been, for example, cultural differences maybe easier, because we are a LGBT couple. Neither is a man who needs to unfold. People did not expect that we would get married and have kids, Lotta reflection.

the Biggest difficulty is the language

the Most difficulty Lotan and Kiki’s relationship has caused language. Currently they are talking with each other in English and their own feelings expressing accurately in a foreign language is difficult. In everyday life is supposed to get used to also the second a variety of ways.

I’m actually talkative and in Thailand people do not always tell the depth.. Discuss the culture is different. People may also go to the bathroom or run to the store without telling me in advance, Lotta said.

Kik is a couple of calmer and quieter. Both is good, however, that even the thais want to be between quiet, and silent moments feel awkward.

– American with could be different, Lotta said.

”we Feel the same emotions as everyone else”

Charlotte and Kik see in their own over the four year duration of the couple relationship many strengths.

– we always Try to understand one another, settle disputes, and be patient. We have fun together, Charlotte said.

Lotta friends has also become Kiki’s friends. Kik experience, that can tell a Lotta lovers also their own business.

I wanted To, that Kik will get acquainted with Finnish as much as possible, Charlotte said.

Kik is a buddhist. Lotta does not recognise any religion. By telling the couple about his relationship publicly Lotta and Kik hope to be able to expand the images the Finnish and thai relationships, and thai women.

– we’re normal people. Not everyone accepts us, but we’re the same people as everyone else and we feel the same emotions. We encourage others to be themselves. Everyone is entitled to happiness regardless of gender, ethnicity, nationality or sexual orientation, Lotta said.