thanks to the suspension of UN sanctions against North Korea, both Korean States is an important step towards the restoration of its railway connections. South Korea sent on Friday a train with railway experts on Board over the heavily fortified border.

you should check in the next three weeks, North Korean experts to the track conditions. For the first time in ten years, a South Korean train rolled back into the isolated North of the Bahsegel Korean Peninsula. Remote destination, the transport links to the Eurasian continent, and therefore the economic relations, said South Korea’s transportation Minister Kim Hyun-Mee, according to South Korean TV station before departure of the train from Dorasan in the direction of the North. At the end of 2008, North Korea had interrupted the train to the South, less than a year after their recovery due to increasing tensions again.

According to the severe stresses in the past years due to a number of nuclear and missile tests by North Korea, both States approach since the beginning of this year. The planned Expansion of the economic cooperation, the restoration of rail links and roads through two border corridors.


For the track inspection and the Transport of equipments to the North, a temporary exemption by the sanctions Committee of the UN security Council for North Korea was required. South Korea had assured the UN that it will immediately start Working to restore the rail network in North Korea.

For the inspection of the train is put back according to South Korea’s 2600 kilometers. Due to the poor state of the tracks, the trains go to the North, currently a maximum of 20 to 45 kilometres an hour.

The South is estimated that five years will take to put the two railway lines in the North to maintain. For the coming year were estimated for costs in the amount of the equivalent of around 56 million Swiss francs.

guard post in the border area removed

Meanwhile, ended South and North Korea in the border area, the Work for the elimination of sentries. As planned, ten guards had been torn down on each side of the demilitarized Zone, reported the South Korean channel Arirang citing military circles.

Already in the past weeks, both countries have had parts of their troops and weapons from some of the Items deducted. The measures are part of an agreement to reduce military tensions that had characterized the Poor leadership of both States in September. (hvw/sda)

Created: 30.11.2018, 14:45 PM