the ROME – With the first day of the year has also begun the first cries of babies born on the 1st of January, but there is also a negative figure to remember: in 2018, 2.5 million children died in their first month of life; about a third of them on their first day of life. In addition, more than 2.5 million babies are born dead every year. UNICEF, Italy and even today attracts the attention on this fact: the children that die in the first month accounting for 47% of all deaths among children under five years, a number up from 40% in 1990.

causes. Explains to the Republic World of Solidarity, the president of UNICEF Italy, Francesco Samengo: “For millions of babies around the world, the day of their birth is not so favorable. Between the 2 and a half million children who died in their first day, in 2018, the majority has been the victim of complications during delivery and infections such as sepsis. In the last three decades, the world has seen considerable progress in child survival, reducing by more than half the number of children dying before the fifth birthday. But progress has been slower for newborn babies. The children that die in the first month accounting for 47% of all deaths among children under five years, a number up from 40% in 1990.

The new year. “The beginning of a new year and a new decade is an opportunity to reflect on our hopes and aspirations, not only for what reserves us our future, but also for the future of those who will come after us,” said Henrietta Fore, the director-general of UNICEF. “The calendar, which changes every January, we remember all the possibilities and potential of every child that embarks on the journey of his life, if given the opportunity.

The campaign “Every Child Alive”. IS called “Every Child Alive” and requires immediate investment in health care workers with the right training and with the right medications right to ensure that every mother and newborn is supported by a pair of expert hands to prevent and treat the complications during pregnancy, childbirth, and birth. “Too many mothers and babies are not assisted by a midwife or a nurse trained and with the appropriate tools, and the results are devastating,” added Fore. “We can do so that millions of children survive their first day and will live in this decade, if each of them will be born in a couple of experienced hands”.

hospitals, friends of the children. To today, they are part of the UNICEF Network in Italy 29 Hospitals and 7 Community recognized by the United Nations organization as the Friends of the children, a 3 Degree Courses recognized Friends of Breastfeeding, and more than 900 Baby Pit Stop – spaces dedicated to all the families in which they can take care of their children. “Between 1.210 born on the 1st of January in our Country, many children are born in Hospitals recognized by UNICEF and WHO ‘Friends of children’; only in 2018, are born in these Hospitals, more than 31.500 children, more than 7% of those born in Italy on a total of 449.000. Then, each day, on average, in 2018, were born in 86 children in a Hospital Friend. These infants and their mothers have then benefited from the best standard of care relating to childbirth and breast-feeding,” said the president of UNICEF Italia, which is promoting the programme ‘Together for the Nursing-Hospitals & Community Friends of the Children’, to spread the culture of breastfeeding and to guarantee to all adequate nutrition and the best start to life possible.

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