Pregnancy, births and stds were sex work of women’s fate. Mostphotos

Prostitution is often talked about the world’s oldest profession. As a historical phenomenon of sex selling is, however, a diverse profession. Before the mid-1800s, the sexual services trade did not have its own or a separate social problem, because all unmarried sex between was considered adulterous. Sex paying top be a bad thing when a marriage the ideal turned into love-based.

the 1800s in finland, the prostitutes were considered dirty nymfomaaneille. The history of the investigation of all sex workers do not, however, undertaken the work under the circumstances. For some, sex work is be aware of solution that women have been trying to reach the good income and men admire.

sex work was criminalised in Finland in 1889. In the late 1800s and early 1900s attitudes to sex work make women very aroused. Autonomy of the end of the period before independence, sex work was from the countryside to the cities changed the number of women in business. The majority of Helsinki of prostitutes had come to the city of Helsinki or the new country from the outside.

sex work the sad consequences

Pregnancy and childbirth were sex work of an inevitable consequence of the woman’s life, as well as sexually transmitted diseases. Contraception was coitus interruptus. In particular, the syphilis infection could be fatal, for the mother from the fetus with congenital syphilis may cause miscarriage, the child’s early death or disability.

in the early 1800s abounded the family ideal, in which the mother was raised as a moral exemplar. In finland, this ideology hit through the 1840s. That’s why prostitutes motherhood is no longer later allowed, but women were forced to give her baby to strangers to a family. Baby, you could have the lousy conditions.

Prostitutes were others at work

sex work do women do in the 1800’s in Finland, other work, and sex work defined the whole of their identity. Women were also maids, passareita, İlbet mothers, men of war, and a journeyman of the brides and with the sisters of friends. 1800-century sex work does not necessarily put women always included the following poor woman’s reputation. Lost reputation began to follow the scientist Antti Häkkinen, according to the helsinki prostitutes as long as the shadow for the rest later, when installing the hard were.

Source: Kirsi Vainio-Korhonen: Black-Maija and Flea-Kaisa – sex-workers-1800s, originally in Finland, SKS 2018.

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