Three pages to make demands. Jordan Bardella decided to write to Emmanuel Macron before the second edition of the “Saint-Denis meetings”, which take place this Friday, November 17. The president of the National Rally had already done so, before the August 30 meeting as Le Parisien revealed, to impose his conditions.

This time, the tone of the letter, which Le Figaro was able to consult (see below) is very different. Jordan Bardella decided to go to the meeting requested by Emmanuel Macron in a “much more combative spirit than the last time”, underlines one of his relatives. “We came in a constructive way the first time, now it’s time for something concrete. » In August, he called for the organization of a referendum on the day of the European elections, June 9. This request will be repeated.

“I therefore accept once again your invitation to direct exchange, to sharing our disagreements, with a spirit of responsibility, but also and above all with the imperative requirement that this meeting result in decisions of general interest for the French people”, writes Jordan Bardella, to Emmanuel Macron, before arguing: “The truth obliges me to recognize that the period which separates us from last August 30 and our first meeting in Saint-Denis did not lead to no significant progress to improve the daily lives of the French, nor on the definition of a course for the Nation.

The president of the RN castigates the “major debates”, “the conferences”, “the Grenelles” or the “expertocratic committees” which are “communication products which can no longer hide an inability to decide”. He considers it unfortunate that the RN’s proposals on purchasing power have not been taken up, that the situation of National Education “continues to deteriorate” and that “the immigration law appears like a tiny ordinary law in a context so extraordinary.

In this letter, Jordan Bardella discusses at length the war between Israel and Hamas, and the impact of the conflict in France. “There should only be one France and one Republic, but the seismic waves of the war in the Middle East have spread to us, reaffirming on our soil the existence of communities parallel to the national community, hostile to its values, inhabited by hatred of what we are,” he asserts. “The success of the march against anti-Semitism must not remain a dead letter,” asserts the frontist boss demanding “the closure of radical mosques, the expulsion of radicalized foreigners and the dissolution of all pharmacies relaying Hamas ideology on our soil”.

Finally, Jordan Bardella believes, regarding the main subject of discussion which will take place tomorrow, that “to consider that article 11 is not enough to consult the French by referendum is to launch a dilatory debate”. The boss of the RN argues that, according to him, article 11 would allow the organization of a referendum on immigration.

Jordan Bardella’s letter to Emmanuel Macron: