In the month of June, Omroep Gelderland visits Gelderse villages for their segment ‘Effe buurten’. This week, reporters Sylvia Willems and Esther Smolders are in Spijk, a village in the municipality of Zevenaar. In this live blog, you can read their stories and experiences from the Liemers village on the Rhine. If you have a tip, you can email them at

What do you do when you are a child in a village where there is not much else? Teun and Quint explained and showed us. It was a fun way to end the day. Tomorrow, we will start the day with a visit to the shelter for Ukrainian refugees. See you then!

The dogs are quite popular here in Spijk. Besides Spike from Spijk, there is Snoopy from Romania. For the past 30 years, William, also known as ‘Wieleke’, has been rescuing dogs from abroad. These dogs are often traumatized and need a peaceful environment. Since there is little commotion in the small village of Spijk, the dogs find peace at William’s place.

Tomorrow, we will go back to Arnhem for the Week of Gelderland. We will also be taking Bram Wensink, the chairman of the shooting club Eendracht Maakt Macht, with us. If you want to join us, email to reserve your spot in the audience. See you there at 16:30!

Correction: We made a mistake earlier. There is indeed a shop in Spijk and even a terrace. The Hof zum Walde farm owned by Emiel and Esther Stam sells homemade cheese and yogurt, and you can also enjoy a cup of coffee there. We had to go and visit them.

Congratulations to Maximiliaan (16) for passing his exams! With so few young people in Spijk, he might be the only one in the village. We brought him a delicious piece of chocolate to congratulate him. If you have also passed your exams, live in Spijk, and want a surprise, email or visit the village hall.

The new overnight harbor has been officially open for a few months now. It took decades and 125 million euros from planning to completion, but it was worth it. Eef Booltink, the chairman of the Tourist Information Center, has witnessed the entire construction as he lives right opposite it. We paid him a visit to learn more. Does the harbor attract more people to Spijk?

Since last March, the largest overnight harbor in Europe is in Spijk. Later today, we will take a look with Eef Booltink, the chairman of the Tourist Information Center who has lived opposite the harbor his whole life. More on that later. But first, a quick look back at the opening ceremony.

Good morning! We are already halfway through our week in Spijk and so far, we have not had a dull moment.