In London, has started on Saturday a large demonstration for a second Brexit Referendum. Opponents of Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union gathered at noon at Hyde Park in the British capital.

According to the BBC, hundreds of thousands of protesters are gathering currently. The organizers are expecting up to 700 000 participants.

Already, about four million people under a Online signed the discharge Petition against the EU. According to media reports, more and more members of the house of Commons the resignation of the Prime Minister are calling for. Observers expect one of the biggest demonstrations in London for years.

The organizers of the campaign “People’s Vote” (people’s vote) want to achieve with a second Referendum that the EU, Britain’s exit is prevented. In a similar Demonstration in October, more than half a Million people were involved.

At the closing rally in front of the Parliament want to talk to, among others, Scotland’s head of government, Nicola Sturgeon, the London mayor, Sadiq Khan, and the Deputy head of the Labour party Tom Watson in front of the protesters.

“I’m marching together with people from every corner of our country,” said the mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, in the short message service Twitter. He belongs to the opposition Labour party. Scotland’s head of government, Nicola Sturgeon stressed that she was proud to be at the Protest.
In the Demonstration, a rose mounting carriage of the düsseldorf artist Jacques Tilly goes to the Start. The subject car shows May, the spears with a long lying, nose to the British economy.

“The Brexit is a complete and utter Chaos,” Khan said on the eve of the Demonstration. He’ll share along with people from all over the country and all strata of society go out on the street and ask, “is that the British people have the last word”.

In the Demonstration politicians of the Green part, including the top candidate for the European elections Sven Giegold.

Anti-Brexit-Protest in a different way: Already, more than four million people Online signed up Saturday to Petition for the whereabouts of Britain in the EU. At times, the website was down due to the onslaught of lame. The Parliament must take into account the content of any Petition with over 100,000 signatories for a debate. “The government has always claimed that the withdrawal from the EU would be the “will of the people”,” reads the petition text. The had to be brought to an end by the strength of public support for remaining clear.

The Parliament has to take account of the contents of each Petition, with more than 100 000 signatories for a debate.

British media reported that the pressure May in the Brexit-the dispute is getting bigger and bigger. Many of the members are therefore asking for her resignation, and described the coming days as may’s fate week. But even the Prime Minister exerts considerable pressure on the deputies.

In a letter to the parliamentarians, they wrote, that they could not possibly vote for the third Time on the Brussels negotiated Brexit agreement. In two previous votes, the government was the boss with the Deal. The third attempt is actually planned for next week.

you would put the Deal to only then again to the vote, if sufficient support is a risk, made clear May. Otherwise, the UK would need to ask in Brussels for a further postponement, which would mean a participation in the European elections.

had Previously hinted the Northern Ireland party, the DUP, whose votes Mays minority government since a botched election is instructed to support the agreement.

British media that the chances of getting approval of the Deal low. Also, the EU heads of state and government clearly see black.

The EU and May, had withdrawal in the night to the last Friday on a shift in the EU-at least up to 12. April agreed. The Plan: the house of the agreement next week, the outlet at 22. May be regulated to go on the stage. Failing that, the EU expects from London before the age of 12. April new proposals. Originally the UK wanted the European Union on the coming Friday (29. March).

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Brexit agreement with the EU May just want to leave “sufficient support” to vote

In June 2016, had spoken, a narrow majority of 51.9 per cent of the British for the Brexit. Actually, the time for the outlet on 29. March expiry. In light of the continuing dispute over the Brexit course in the UK should this period be extended. (AFP/dpa/tsp)