Feyenoord is expected to sign Julián Carranza soon. The Argentine forward is currently under contract with Philadelphia Union and has played alongside Kevin Leerdam. Leerdam, in a conversation with ESPN, described Carranza as a calm and nice guy off the field but transforms into a fierce competitor once he steps onto the field. He works hard, has a knack for scoring goals, and is compared to Dirk Kuyt in terms of playing style. Despite not finding much success at Inter Miami CF, mainly due to a strained relationship with the coach and the arrival of Gonzalo Higuaín, Carranza remained patient and focused on learning and improving.

Leerdam believes that Carranza would be a great fit for Feyenoord, especially considering the team’s style of play in recent years. He is seen as a modern forward who puts in a lot of effort on the pitch, making him well-suited for Feyenoord’s high-pressing and aggressive approach. With time to adapt and settle in, Leerdam is confident that Carranza can thrive at Feyenoord and potentially become a successful addition to the team.

The potential transfer of Carranza to Feyenoord has been generating a lot of buzz, with reports suggesting that the clubs are working on finalizing the details of the deal. If the move goes through, it could mark the beginning of a new chapter for Carranza in European football and offer him the opportunity to showcase his talent in a different setting. The fans are eagerly anticipating his arrival and hoping that he can make a significant impact on the team.

In conclusion, Carranza’s imminent transfer to Feyenoord has sparked excitement and optimism among fans and pundits alike. His playing style and work ethic have drawn comparisons to past legends like Dirk Kuyt, and there is a sense of anticipation surrounding his potential contributions to the team. As he prepares to make the move to the Eredivisie, all eyes will be on Carranza to see if he can live up to the expectations and prove himself in a new league and environment.