Personal trainer, high school teacher and blogger Anna Saivosalmi tested in the fall of Oslo Skin Lab The Solution™ -a collagen product for eight weeks. The test was linked to ihoanalyysi that period tell wrinkle reduction of over twenty percent.Years around the turn of the Let started collagen use again.Would the results still further to heal?

was pleased with the first eight weeks of the operating period Oslo the Skin Lab The Solution™ -collagen preparation from the results. Read more the test of time from here!

Anna wanted to start a few months after a break of a collagen product for use again.

– Could my skin change even more glow as a disability and vitality to more – and could wrinkle even further reduced, to reflect Given when initiating the use of the product.

a New period of use is not connected to the ihoanalyysi. Anna feels that the changes in your skin in quite difficult to detect. Functionality was, however, verified to a rather surprising way!

Just when I started collagen use again, I was invited to visit the Yle morning tv, telling me Saivosalmi.

the Funny coincidence was that I visited in the same program again at the end of February, after spending collagen product regularly for a couple of months.

Let not self-drawn appearance it much attention, but I Give the retired father commented her daughter looks like the latter program in the rested and healthier. Having compared in the same light and the same tv-putty tv appearances made snapshots found Let his father be right.

in February, my skin glows and looks alive!

Anna is pleased with the start after Oslo Skin Lab The Solution™ -collagen use of the product again. He especially likes the fact that the internally ingested collagen makes the skin healthy, soft, beautiful and flexible.

– Forties my skin well, and I understand that the best results are achieved when skin care is holistic, write Give blog.

– cosmetics products in addition to skin condition the affects of our lifestyle, our diet, the sun and, of course, also charged by. Why I nourishing to my skin also internally collagen?

collagen preparation Give enjoys every morning with water, juice or smoothie mix. It’s become his daily routine.

Oslo Skin Lab The Solution™ -collagen products help prevent aging of the skin. It is a tasteless powder, which is mixed with the desired drink or food. The Solution™ to reduce wrinkles, smooth fine lines and help increase skin elasticity.

Read more Let Saivosalmen experience Oslo Skin Lab The Solution™ -collagen use of the product on her blog.



Oslo Skin Lab The Solution is oral to the collagen preparation.

Solution säänöllinen use:

– reduce the appearance of fine lines depth

Reduce cellulite

– Increases skin elasticity and thus prevent prevents wrinkles and fine lines the formation of

Easy to use

– additional intangible

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