Chronology in three stages. On October 30, a Palestinian teacher and founder of the first French-speaking school in Gaza, now a linguistics student at the faculty of Lille, whom an OQTF would force to return to the Palestinian territory. “We are not all Hamas,” the peace activist said in the article.

On November 9, Adrien Quatennens, LFI deputy from the North, received Waleed Aboudipaa at his parliamentary office. “In Gaza,” writes the elected official on X (ex-Twitter), “everyone calls him “the Frenchman”. He sees himself as an ambassador of France, of the Francophonie and what it represents. It’s perfectly integrated.”

On November 10, the newspaper Le Point revealed that the French-speaking man had glorified, on Facebook, on several occasions, the massacres perpetrated by Hamas on October 7.

The Point journalist visited the Tabassam Info Gaza Palestine page created by Waleed Aboudipaa in May 2023 with the aim of compiling information on Gaza. On the morning of the attack, the Palestinian published a text on a black background: “When a people are daily colonized, occupied, martyred and humiliated, we should not be surprised when this people resists.” On October 8, he posted a photo of parachuting terrorists with the caption: “Gazans broke all the rules with zero technology or equipment,” accompanied by delighted smiley faces.

On other publications, photos of hostages are accompanied by comments. “The wheel is turning!” comments Aboudipaa next to the portrait of a general kidnapped by terrorists. Another message, same spirit: “The Palestinians found an Israeli granny with her little golf cart. We make her [sic] tourist in Gaza, on the other hand we will never hurt [sic] her old lady plus she looks happy [laughing emojis],” he writes, referring to a video which shows Hamas kidnap an elderly Israeli lady in a golf cart.

Two days after the attack, which the professor describes as “a large-scale military operation carried out by the Palestinian resistance against the occupation”, he replaced the banal illustration in his Facebook group with an image generated by artificial intelligence showing a soldier flying in parachute towards the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem. The name of the Hamas operation? Al-Aqsa Flood. The evening the Point article was published, Aboudipaa changed the image of his page again. Now it’s a drawing of a Palestinian surrounded by peace slogans.

Contacted by Le Point, the person concerned did not deny his messages, limiting himself to assuring: “I do not support nor have I ever been involved here in France or in Gaza in any political party, whatever it may be.”

Confronted with the publications of the man whose expulsion he assured he wanted to prevent, MP Adrien Quatennens assured Le Point that he was “not aware of it”. On Twitter, the elected official accused the newspaper of attempting “a ridiculous controversy”. Contacted by Le Figaro, neither man agreed to respond.

Our colleagues’ article also includes an important clarification: if Waleed Aboudipaa says he is threatened with expulsion to Gaza because, according to the Northern prefecture, he was unable to “prove the reality and seriousness of the studies pursued”, he could actually be deported to Turkey. “Mr. Aboudipaa’s wife and three children live in Turkey, and not in Palestine,” explains the prefecture.

On the morning of October 11, all the publications mentioned by Le Point had disappeared from the Tabassam Info Gaza Palestine group. Only two are still visible on Waleed Aboudipaa’s personal page.