New Password Manager App Announcement from Apple for iOS, iPadOS, and macOS

Is it going to be available for Windows and Linux as well? Otherwise, it’s not really considered a competitor, of course.

Not to forget Android. I have a MacBook, but I will never switch to an iPhone.

I use Bitwarden and it works well on everything except MacOS itself. If they are going to make their own password manager, it would be a great opportunity to link the MacOS keychain to external services.

A bit more nuance:
I use it on MacOS and it works fine where I have to enter most passwords: Safari and Chrome. For the rest of the applications, it doesn’t fill in automatically. I have no idea if it does that in Linux and Windows by the way, I have no experience with that.

I have an iPhone and will never switch to a Mac. The article mentions that it is also coming to Windows. So that’s a nice addition, I will definitely use it I think.

Well, this is indeed the big problem. And let’s not forget about Android. Even if it’s not your main device, it’s useful to have your passwords there. Just think about a tablet or a phone for your kids where you might want to share some passwords.

The existence of a password manager app begins with being available on all platforms. Otherwise, you can’t reach everyone. In a household, you will always find different operating systems, even if it’s just due to choices from, for example, the employer or the sports club where you have board duties or the dance association, etc. Apple is a bit late to the party. Here I recommend Bitwarden everywhere. Works perfectly and sharing is very easy. Keychain is nice, but as long as syncing can’t be automatic with external services, I find it a bit inconvenient to use it with Bitwarden.