To reflect on and respond to the housing crisis affecting the construction sector, Les Républicains are organizing a convention on May 31 at the Assembly. The objective is to be able to quickly put five to six concrete proposals on the government’s table while fears of a historic crisis are being expressed more and more strongly.

The five LR deputies who will lead the meeting around group president Olivier Marleix (Eure-et-Loir) are Thibault Bazin (Meurthe-et-Moselle), Marc Le Fur (Côte d’Armor), Emilie Bonnivard and Vincent Rolland (Savoy).

Among the various personalities invited, the presidents of the building and real estate federations should be present. Jean-Louis Borloo was also asked to conclude this meeting. The right perceives several worrying signals: the fall in construction, the difficulties of social landlords in need of equity, the rise in interest rates or the growing reluctance of banks. “We have all the ingredients for a serious crisis. We are building 100,000 fewer homes than 15 years ago. We have to react”, summarizes Olivier Marleix.