The road to recovery is long. Committed to retricoting his popularity after the painful and conflicting pension reform, Emmanuel Macron has multiplied media interventions in recent days. Without convincing. After his television interview Monday evening at 8 p.m. on TF1, 68% of French people considered him “rather not convincing”, according to the results of an Odoxa poll. Worse, 39% did not follow the speech of the Head of State at all, neither live, nor by reviewing extracts or comments. A record number of non-interest for an intervention by the President of the Republic. Emmanuel Macron thus records his 3rd worst score of “conviction” for five years. However, behind this poor result, there are several signs of a slight tremor of opinion in favor of the Head of State.

“If this assessment is bad, it is still significantly better than that of its last two interventions”, observes Gaël Slimane, the president of Odoxa. For his last official speech, on April 18, about the pension reform already, only 22% of French people who listened to him said they were convinced. Almost as little as for his last intervention in a television news last March at 1 p.m. on TF1 and France 2 (23%). “This improvement from 8 to 9 points is perhaps a sign that an imminent return to a more peaceful situation in public opinion would be possible, believes the pollster. But we’re not there yet.”

In detail, Emmanuel Macron can also be delighted with another result: that of the approval of his remarks by political families. Unsurprisingly, supporters of insubordinate France and the National Rally do not say they are convinced at 96% and 81%. Not surprisingly either, those of Renaissance say they are 84% convinced. But for the head of state, the interesting result is with the Republicans. While the group is seen as a potential ally in the National Assembly to allow the President of the Republic to build a majority coalition, 53% of LR sympathizers thus considered his remarks “rather convincing”. Not yet enough to hope for a government agreement. Of a nature, however, to maintain hope.