One more divergence between nationalist enemy brothers. “Like all Caledonians attached to France, I am appalled by the position of Marine Le Pen and Jordan Bardella,” declared Éric Zemmour, the boss of Reconquête!, in a message published on X (ex-Twitter) this Friday. In question, the new doctrine of his opponent RN, who has just revealed his method to try to reconcile the loyalists and the separatists of the archipelago. All in an explosive context, when violent riots broke out in Nouméa at the start of the week, leaving at least 5 dead, including two gendarmes.

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“In the name of appeasement, (Marine Le Pen and Jordan Bardella) are, in reality, submitting to violence. At the same time, overseas and in the suburbs, we are being watched to find out how the State will react. We must never give in to thugs and looters. Only force will restore order to our country,” continues Éric Zemmour, still on the subject of Marine Le Pen’s position.

Because the double-finalist in the presidential election spoke out, to Le Figaro in particular, in favor of a “global”, economic and institutional agreement, and a possible fourth referendum in “40 years” on the question of Caledonian independence. A shift which puts an end to half a century of his party’s clear-cut position on the subject, the Front becoming the National Rally having always been fiercely pro-French Caledonia.

In a long press release published on X, Marion Maréchal, head of the Reconquête! for the European elections, did not wish to target her aunt or her former party by name. Without, however, sparing them. “Now is not the time for dialogue or compromise with those who chose to set this territory ablaze after a period of negotiation of more than 20 years and 3 referendums,” writes the former FN MP. “The setbacks and hesitations, without us!”, she concludes.