In London, protesters with seat and blockades for more climate-Adhesive demonstrated protective. Since Monday, the police arrested almost 400 of them. The mass arrests belong to the strategy of the movement, Extinction, Rebellion, has called for the actions. the

The British police have taken since Monday, nearly 400 environmental activists in London. They were followed by a call to the movement, Extinction, Rebellion (Rebellion against the extinction), to demonstrate, among other things, with sit-ins on roads and bridges for more climate protection. “So far, there are about 390,” said a spokeswoman of Scotland Yard.

Three people were still to appear on Thursday before a court, because they should have the day before with a special substance from the outside of a train stuck. The public transport was affected by the action. Other protesters had glued to a garden fence at the property of opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn in the capital.

“take and take and take, then you can simply not”

The international movement want to minimize according to their own words, the risks of climate change and ecological collapse to prevent The mass arrests are part of your strategy: you want to draw as much media attention and a political crisis. Violence, you reject it consistently.

The Guardian cited a 66-year-old protesters, who described the arrests: “they took a certain number, then they saw how many we are, and are gone. I think this is the Story of the Extinction of Rebellion: The police and is charged with arrests. They take and take and take, then you can easily.”

In London wish to continue the activists according to their own statements at least until Friday to make their Protest. You put on peaceful actions, which are supported by the Public. According to a YouGov survey this is not the first time, but in the British capital: Only 36 percent of 3561 respondents British hot the protests well, 52 percent oppose it, more or less.

In Berlin had demonstrated environmentalists to the start of the week. The students of the “Fridays for Future”movement will also demonstrate on good Friday for a better climate protection.