Not distinguish between red zones and green zones for the allocation of the premium to the healthcare providers. The Republicans will be tabling a draft resolution in this sense, Wednesday morning at the Assembly. “You can’t assign the premium based on the colour of the departments. We defend the idea of a premium that is more just, more fair and more simple,” explains Damien Abad, the chairman of the LR group at the Meeting.

the parliamentary opposition, the differentiation of the premium must be made according to the presence or not of services Covid and not according to the ranking of the health of territories. The Republicans start with the observation that some health services are classified into departments, the greens have been strongly mobilised during the crisis. It seems so “unfair” that these caregivers may not be able to benefit from the bonus of 1500 euros granted to their counterparts in the red zones. For non-Covid, the premium is set at 500 euros.

on aid to homes, the LR group considers that the State must accompany all departments in the financing of the premiums envisaged. The amount of such financial assistance remains to be defined but the right sets the public participation to 50% of the amount which will be determined and supported by the communities and the départements. For the State, the aggregate of such premium to the level the country could reach 100 to 200 million euros.

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All caregivers are invested with dedication to heal and save lives.

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