Last Friday, while all members of the Borne government had deserted the morning shows, the Secretary of State for Youth chose to occupy the media field. “I don’t know if I will still be minister on Monday,” she said, with a certain excitement. At 38, she finally succeeded Olivier Véran as minister responsible for Democratic Renewal and government spokesperson.

Born in Strasbourg to parents of Mauritian origin, she joined Emmanuel Macron’s movement from its launch in 2016. A year later, this former director of a call center tried to enter the National Assembly in taking part in the “civil society” wave, provoked by candidate Macron. However, she failed to win a deputy seat, beaten in the second round by the communist Marie-George Buffet. Nevertheless, Prisca Thevenot continues to climb the ranks and becomes spokesperson for the presidential party in 2020 then regional advisor in 2021.

Five years after her first electoral setback, she took her revenge and delighted a constituency in Hauts-de-Seine against Nupes. A victory which earned him the stamp of being “parachuted” into these lands rather favorable to Macronia. Particularly committed to issues of gender equality, the MP continues her media marathon, ardently defending the Macron camp.

Last July, when the government was sorely lacking in figures who “printed”, its media activism was rewarded. Emmanuel Macron appointed her Secretary of State for Youth, under the supervision of the Minister of Education. It is nevertheless in a certain anonymity that she goes through her first months within the executive, in the shadow of comet Attal. Now the new VRP of Macronie, she also shares several points in common with the Prime Minister, with whom she is known to be close. Both elected deputies in Hauts-de-Seine, the head of government also cut his teeth in Youth before becoming spokesperson.