The rag is still burning within the Nupes. The day after the controversial comparison made by LFI MP Sophia Chikirou between Fabien Roussel and the collaborationist Jacques Doriot, the president of the LFI group in the Assembly firmly declared this Saturday, September 23 in the morning on Franceinfo: “I do not condemn the comments by Chikirou, I’m just saying that Fabien Roussel is not Jacques Doriot.

The MP, on the other hand, wanted to denounce the “very worrying deviations” according to her from the elected communist: “When Fabien Roussel speaks of borders which are sieves, when he speaks of the “France of benefits”, I worry comments that validate right-wing or even far-right ideas.” “He must choose his side,” she decided.

Before continuing: “I believe it is our role to warn of abuses. And to be careful that things don’t slip.” Then referring to the 2024 European elections, the LFI MP wished to emphasize: “What we want to say again is that if the Nupes were united, they would beat Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen in the next elections.”

A few hours before the start of the demonstrations organized against “systemic racism” and “police violence”, the Nupes elected official also declared that she wanted to “find a republican police force”. “It is not us who say that there is systemic racism in the police, it is the United Nations” which affirms this, she insisted, denouncing a “complete denial of government”.

Two months after the death of Nahel, killed by a police officer during a refusal to comply, and the riots that followed, the rebellious MP affirmed that it was “not normal” that no political act “ ‘has been laid’. According to her, the Cazeneuve law of 2017 “established a sort of license to kill for the police” which we absolutely must return to.

“We are not anti-police, we ask that they be better trained,” she then qualified by affirming that the 2017 law endangered both drivers and police officers who found themselves facing people who was afraid of dying. “We are therefore marching in defense of the Republic,” she concluded.