– There is no inventory – I know – over the number of cats (they are recorded precisely nowhere…).

– But dyreværnsorganisationerne in the UK have attempted to estimate the and the estimates that there are about 650.000 ejerkatte and in addition to the 500,000 feral, stray cats in Denmark.

How to write Lisa L to the nation! about the background of the borgerforslag she and a group kattevenner with different backgrounds within the katteverdenen, have made a kattelov in Denmark:

– There are several cats in Denmark than dogs. Yet, there is no requirement for owners to take ownership of a cat.

– By dogs it is required by law to ID the brand, but most dogs go out with their owner, most cats go on their own paws.

– therefore It makes no sense that there is equality before the law for dog and cat owners in this area on statutory ID marking of your pet, writes Helle L, who has so far scored more than 4000 support for its proposal:

– Each day with the vets at least about 25 healthy kittens at clinics in Denmark.

– And you can often in the media read about people who have damaged others ‘ cats, run them away from their residence, or even shot them.

– It often happens in helplessness over to the neighbor’s cat, they walk the same reason, and maybe peeing on your things or scratching your car.

– Some ask, then, how the bill should address the many unwanted and ejerløse cats.

– We see it, we have to start somewhere, and the first must be to get the people who want to own a cat to take ownership.

It costs about 200 dollars to ID the Brand of a cat. Owning a cat is an option – not something you need, but something you choose. Completely voluntary. With this follows a responsibility for an animal, and the animals cost money.

– The already ID Brands will not be affected by the bill. Those who do not, will have to seek out a veterinarian at the same time with the ID marking can talk with owner about neutering, vaccination and insurance – things that we think, all should be done through a change in attitude for it to have the cat and not through a law.

– In addition, the vast majority of cats, which is found by fully or private, and comes at the boarding or the vet clinic, where they are killed or will be disseminated, completely tame.

– They are not scattered cats. they have an owner – they’re just not ID Tagged, and therefore no one can find the owner. An ID mark is not a punishment of the cat owners.

– It is a tool that protects both cats and their owners.

– you Lose your cat, you can find it again. Take a second your cat, you can require the return.

– And run a driver your cat down, he can give you the message.

Neighbors, who are tired of cats in their garden, may through ID tagged to contact the cat’s owner directly and take a dialogue rather than in opposition to seize on its own.

Makrobet There is therefore everything to gain and nothing to lose by introducing compulsory ID marking of the Danish cats, writes Helle L, and you can – if you agree and have your NemID at your fingertips – click here and support borgerforslaget on a kattelov.

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