Genaro Antonio Materán, of 63 years, came out last Wednesday from his home in an area left of a central neighborhood of São Paulo called Barra Funda, and to put one foot in the street, we were addressed by three people. They were agents of the brazilian Federal Police in civilian dress. He, apparently an insignificant driver of Uber, attempted to deny the avalanche of accusations that he threw the police. That Genaro Antonio was a false name; that it was not venezuelan as I said the documentation that was used from that entered in Brazil, almost 20 years ago; and that was neither much less an innocent man.


García Juliá lived in São Paulo as a driver for Uber with false identity venezuelan Detained in Brazil, Carlos García Juliá, one of the authors of the massacre of Atocha Carmena celebrating the arrest of one of the authors of the Massacre of Atocha photo gallery in The killing of the lawyers of Atocha

it was useless to deny. The police had already spent a lot of time investigándole. His nationality true it was Spanish, his real name was Carlos García Juliá and his crime had been to take part in the killing of five labor lawyers in his office on calle Atocha, perpetrated by a right-wing group in the Madrid of the Transition. And this was the end of his decades to the leak by Latin America.

“I went up to a car that had parked in front of the door of his house, and as soon as pulled out, also tore two other cars escort which had in each end of the street. That’s when I realized that the thing was serious. They were, and that was it,” recalls German, the owner of the repair shop that there is in front of the house of García Juliá, who witnessed the arrest through security cameras. “It was in silence, that is how I lived,” says Germano.

With the launch of these three cars ended in a journey of decades that led to the Garcia Julia from Madrid, where in 1977 he had been sentenced to 193 years in prison, up to Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Venezuela and finally Brazil. The leap to Latin America, in full conviction, he had given in 1994, after staying three years on probation. The militant far-right managed to a judge for a judicial authorisation to go abroad, saying that he had opened a possibility for work; once there, he was again to bypass the law. In December 1994 they jumped to a formal requirement and is declared missing. In Bolivia, he was again imprisoned, this time for a crime related to drug trafficking, but escaped before the Spain could process the extradition request.

Carlos García Juliá

he Spent years traveling from one country to another, under a series of false identities: the system maintained by the authorities so bewildered that he gave himself the luxury of air travel. Passed by Chile, Argentina and Venezuela. In 2001 he entered in Brazil to walk over the land border with the Holiganbet State of Roraima, in the north of the country; in 2009 we registered as a foreigner with the name of Genaro Antonio Materán, and —even where they know the authorities which have been stopped— it stayed in the megalopolis of São Paulo.

For 2018 had been mimetized with the life of his neighborhood. Had partner, Ray, a woman with black hair, younger than he: “about 50 years, maximum”, calculated with Sausage, the manager of the bar with no name in the corner, the same that served them the dish combined with the the couple was honored Saturday by the afternoon. “He had white hair, paunch, was short, not very similar to the picture [OF 1977]that are now putting on the television,” continued João, another of the waiters at the same bar, the center of the social life of the fugitive. “Talking among themselves but not with other people,” continued João, another of the waiters. “If I had to distinguish for a trait would be his accent. I always thought that he was argentine”.

not even his wife knew the past of the man with whom he shared his life. “I’ve discovered everything up for the newsletter via the Internet. Everything has changed, from one day to another”, he told Ray to the agency Efe. “My whole life has been affected by, and, suddenly, he has become a person totally strange”. “I was ten years old when it all happened, apologized to the woman in your conversation with the Spanish news agency.

For work, García Juliá had a car in the name of his wife, with whom he worked as a driver for Uber. “I got up in the morning and not brought out until the night,” explains Raymond, owner of a store of air conditioners. “That is why he has left little imprint on the neighborhood. I could see him sometimes, with his beer in the bar, never accompanied. But this neighborhood is full of noias [drug addicts], which are those that give war. In an older man not occurs to you to look”. Barra Funda, therefore, was the perfect hideaway. Here, among the drug dealers, the shops and the bars without a name, he could be free.

The error Genaro that led to arrest Carlos

Carlos García Juliá was so discreet in what he was doing that the only thing that caught the attention of the authorities was what he did not do: renew your documentation. It had taken eight years since he came to Brazil in registering as a foreigner in 2009 and should have done it again in 2011. So, when last year it issued an international warrant of arrest of García Juliá, began the process that led him to join the face of Genaro with the wanted man. “It was a painstaking work, with a lot of method and much system”, says the commissioner Spanish Frames Cold Barbens. “We had news that could be in any country in Latin America and that was using a false identity. We were crossing data with various countries.”

In July of this year, the Brazilian Federal Police tipped off the Police National Spanish that they could have found Garcia Julia. Spain requested the arrest for purposes of extradition, and the Supreme Court brazilian authorized the detention. Were cross-checked fingerprints, it is confirmed that he was indeed the killer, and, on Wednesday, all culminating in his arrest. It remains only for the National Audience, deliver the request for delivery