Banned and betrayed. Highlighting with these words, his discomfort in the PSOE, the former secretary general of the socialist gallegos, Manuel Pachi Vázquez (O Carballiño, Ourense, spain, 1954) has announced this Thursday his resignation to a party that has struggled for a quarter of a century and came to aspire to the presidency of the Xunta of Galicia. Vazquez made the announcement through a message on WhatsApp sent the small group of the faithful who, after losing their positions, it is in the province of Ourense: a part of the region of O Carballiño and the municipal group in that municipality, the party’s spokesperson in the Provincial council, a member of the autonomous communities and little more. The power of the pachistas formally called the Space has been dwindling with the loss of power of the leader and that he has lost support of calibre, as the former secretary of State Laura Seara. In the message, Vázquez he pointed out that the decision has been “very matured”.


Pachi Vázquez goes with criticism of its domestic rivals Pachi Vázquez left his seat and charge against prosecutor and judge by encausarlo

“After many years of militancy in that I always worked for Galicia and for the match with all my strength and excitement, I see that neither the party nor the people that represent you are comfortable with me, nor with what we did for many years”, explains the exdirigente galician to point out that he feels the same discomfort and is not comfortable with what you are doing from the address —vaunted by the faithful to Pedro Sanchez— that, says Vazquez, is “vetando, betraying and deceiving brothers and sisters who gave literally their lives for ideals”. And ends with a wish: “I Hope that from now on I be left alone for being pachistas and that the party has many successes.”

After announcing his decision, both Vázquez as his faithful Tavla have avoided making statements. Neither he nor the charges related have replied to repeated calls from this newspaper. However, the pachistas reacted immediately through the social networks: you put the “complete disposal” of their leader, a gesture that has encouraged speculation that the exdirigente galician apeaba of the party to the top of the list by Citizens to the mayor of Ourense and that could be followed by them.

Well understood numerous militants, considering that the decision of the change of party would fit into the profile of a politician who, at the PSOE after a militancy in the now-defunct CDS, competed in the last primaries, having served in the highest position in the party in Galicia (he was secretary-general between 2009 and 2013) by the secretariat of the province of Ourense. Battle that has relegated to the sidelines in the match.

And so he understood also the sector that currently holds the power in the PSOE ourensano —in bloody conflict for over two decades with the pachistas— with which the faithful of Vázquez have been trying to negotiate, without success so far, a list unit to the city in the city of Ourense.

The repeated claim —in public and in private— of the exdirigente socialist that I would never leave the policy, has contributed to the rumor of the transfer to match orange.

The political ourensano, which came to be almost everything in the PSdeG, had put a foot out of the formation of the socialist in 2015 when he resigned his seat in Parliament in the galician surrounded by allegations related to the relationships during his time as mayor in your village of O Carballiño. Then warned that he did not leave, but “changing lanes” and gave up the act with criticism of its domestic rivals in the province of Ourense which now have been made with the power.

Since then has done nothing but string together continuous defeats internal in the party which came to completely control.