where did this come From the support for Vox? That was the question most often repeated in the night of last Sunday, the news of the election results andalusian that gave input on the camera autonomous the right-wing political party with 12 meps. They all looked then to the PP, but also to the rest of the forces. A generalization that is not accurate, according to the results of the survey of 40dB.


The reasons for the voters of Vox: immigration and the unity of Spain “Is to scream out loud: do The spaniards first!”

The vote, Vox, training led by Santiago Abascal, a former militant of the PP, mainly coming from the ranks of popular and, to a lesser extent, Citizens. More than half of the voters of the far-right party supported the PP in 2015 (54.4 per cent); and another 23.9 per cent opted for the acronym that leads Albert Rivera. The leak by the left have been, however, very slight. That would mean that the phenomenon Vox has no parallels, at least in the origin of the vote, with what happened in France, where part of the electorate that supported the Communist Party was to the far right of Marine Le Pen.

With the rise of Vox as a backdrop, the survey of 40dB. it also reveals that the detachment to the PP of previous voters has been very strong, although the drubbing that it has received the PSOE in the Government, has mitigated considerably the blow to the popular. The Mariobet PP has lost hundreds of thousands of votes and passed in have more than a million to 750,000.

This loss of support is explained by the fragmentation of the right. In that space election the dispute has been strong. Citizens has obtained more than 650,000 votes, and the Vox has exceeded 390.000. The popular you are with 20.6% of the vote and 26 seats, while the party of the ultra-right is almost 11% of the supports. The study of 40dB. it shows that the PP is the least voters have withheld with respect to previous elections of 2015, to stay with 42.6%. The party he heads Juanma Moreno-Bonilla has suffered leaks especially towards Vox, with a 21.6 per cent, and to Citizens in 13.5%.

In total, these elections have brought to the PP and the PSOE lost more than half their voters. That infidelity is not logged in Citizens, as a 62.1% of their voters above repeated on Sunday. Their larger leaks have been to Vox, with 10.9% of the electorate. That road not taken the previous voting socialist. 49.3% returned to vote to the PSOE, while 13.3% voted on this occasion to Forward Andalusia, and 8.8% to Citizens.

On the left, the other parties manage to retain their support earlier. 68.9% of the voters we Can and the 73,9% of IU voted for the candidacy of Andalusia Later, fusion voting in both formations. But that loyalty coexists with the fact of the loss derived from the high abstention rate that occurred in this electorate.