campaigns and projects on drug prevention are not working. At least, not in regard to minors. According to the Survey on Alcohol and other Drugs in Spain (Ages) 2017-2018, prepared by the Government Delegation for the National Plan on Drugs, the drug in the adult population has stabilized. However, it has grown in a clear way between the minors the consumption of alcohol, tobacco and cannabis (on this, almost 15% admit having used it in the last year).

This survey, which is published every two years, after interviewing more than 21,000 people between 15 and 64 years of age, evaluated for the first time the degree of addiction of the population in relation to the use of the Internet and the online game. In 2017, 3.5% of respondents acknowledge that they have played with money online in the last year. The profile is a male between 25 and 34 years that are clearly decided by the sports betting.

The consumption of tobacco is on the rise in Spain (Amir Cohen / Reuters)

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