The main reasons for that argue the voters of Vox for having chosen this political force have a common thread, which alludes to the meaning of being Spanish, and with whom it may be shared and are living in this nation. In the survey conducted by 40dB. for THE COUNTRY, 41.6% of the voters Vox chooses the discourse over immigration as one of their main reasons for having voted to that party on Sunday. Immigration talked a lot about the leader of that formation, Santiago Abascal, in his campaign and followed the same line, the candidates for a seat in the andalusian Parliament. The study, conducted on 4 and 5 December in Andalucia, with 1.514 interviews, sets out three reasons initial vote to Vox, who stormed into the Camera autonomous with a dozen seats.

in Addition to immigration, continues in intensity to the argument that it has voted “to oust the PSOE from power,” governing in Andalusia since 36 years ago. 34.2% pointing to that reason. Immediately appear other reasons associated with national identity. 33.7% claimed to have voted in the strength of the extreme right “because it defends the unity of Spain” and 28% “to curb the pro-independence people”. In this section, a 24.9% supports them because “they want to end the State of Autonomies”.


The Government asked to PP and to Citizens who do not of Andalucia, “the birthplace of the far right” what Is Vox a fascist party? “It’s about shouting loud: The spaniards first!”

The crisis in Catalonia caused by the secessionist movement would have given wings to this discomfort that has been able to capitalize Vox, as noted in the election campaign. In the same there were invocations continued to Oleybet defend the unity of Spain and against the independence, in addition to a strong criticism of the State of autonomous communities with proposals for the re-centralization of powers in favour of the State, such as health and education.

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Next to those reasons, 27% of respondents who chose the ballot Vox makes a claim that they wanted to “punish corruption and /or bet by people honest”.

the rest of The arguments are far behind, but also coincide with some of the issues repeated by the candidates of Vox during the campaign of andalusia. “Because the PP has defrauded me”, declares a 12.5% of respondents, followed by 12% who applauds and votes to Vox for their defence of the national symbols. The interviewers included in this section are the flag, the anthem, the crown and the bulls.

The criticism of the leaders of the far-right party to Gender-based Violence Law approved by the socialist Government of Rodriguez Zapatero have permeated, at least, 11.1% that bet by them on grounds that they promote their repeal.

Among the exemptions, which he defended in his journey political andaluz was also the Law of Historical Memory. But the fundamental motivations to opt for they remain in immigration and in the unity of Spain as evidenced by the low level of support have other questions of the technicians.

For example, only 7.3% of the respondents makes a claim that their support is due to the economic proposals of the training. Up to 5.6% low the percentage of respondents who were inclined to Vox for his defense of the traditional family. And only 2.8% picked up his ballot in defense of their leaders of catholic values. The leadership is also not very relevant. Only 2.3% of respondents looked at the names of the candidates who topped the lists of Vox in each of the eight andalusian provinces.