all began with me through the journey to it that basically would be my new homeland out of the year, the united STATES, sat and mulled over one of my favorite hollywood actors such through the ages: the versatile canadian comedian Jim Carrey. In the 90 and 2000’s he made a number of checkout-successes and created a kometkarriere with the help of his roles in what I in hindsight, have come to see as a kind of subgenre of comedy. The simple premise of all the films revolves around a main character – played by Carrey – get the life turned on its head when a kind of idol reaching his hand down on the reality he finds himself in and turns his life on its head by forcing on him a kind of one-sided faustiansk contract. Or as Von Trier would say, a “benspænd”, which further acts as an immensely effective conflict. Conflict is the very foundation of any successful comedy. Anyone who has heard of it – from the Greek poets through Woody Allen, and Robert McKee to our own humor-dr. Harald Eia – is aware of.

Without going all too carefully into the actual films, I shall mention the most important, so that all hangs with: in “Liar, Liar” is forced by an invisible hand to stop lying (with all the peculiar consequences of this); in the “Yes But” he must say yes to absolutely everything; in the “I, Me and Irene” forced him alternatively to suppress and utagere of their anger; to the end (incidentally, my personal favorite movie and Carreys career-highlight) in “the Truman Show”, be put he already from birth in a huge rottebur where an almost 1 to 1 caricature of God (Ed Harris) controls his every decision. From where he is (not) going to travel to whom to share your life with.

As a kind of popkulturell Madelaine-cake catapulted my Carrey-grubleri me out in a assosiasjonsrekke. As also by the help of the various cookies in the form of various people I met in my first weeks as a pseudo-american, got me to end up with a orwelliansk, stoner hypothetical scenario that were going through my head day and night.

So: Imagine that all people in the world have three social media accounts that it is impossible to turn off: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. In other words, the three largest. Not only was it not possible to turn them off. It was neither possible to determine what should be posted. It is certain namely the God we know from the aforementioned Carrey-universe. Are you with me? This God is, however, far more devastating than Carreys invisible antagonist. And, not least, far more megaloman all the time he touches around the lives of 7 billion + people, not one.

Every morning, post this on behalf of every single human being on earth a long and rich Facebook status with a detailed description of all of his or her actions from the day before. Be it murder, #metoo-infringements, torture or lawn care: everything will be logged and posted without the owner of the account can do anything other than horrified to see it unfold. On Twitter posted every single thought the person may have in his head at any time, be it racism, wins, joy, spite, utroskaps plans or jealousy. All to with. And finally Instagram, which works like this avgudens hoff-photographer: every single significant event are captured and broadcast to the entire world.

Yes, I forgot to say: in this dystopien is certainly all of your friends on Facebook, and the whole of humanity follow each other on Twitter and Instagram. It was the hypothesis, and reach to the consequences.

I started to ask the people around me – those few who could hear, though – what they thought would happen. Although I am reasonably sure what would have happened on day one in this horror-scifi-movie: a bunch of people – not to say virtually all – would be met with social sanctions from the community in the immediate vicinity. Divorces, fights and spontaneous demonstrations, often also on norway to england property, would shot in the air like an Elon Musk rocket. A somewhat smaller part, but still what I would assume is still a majority of the earth’s population, would be met with more severe reactions. Billions of people would have lost their job due to the piquant details about everything from hasjrøyking through the messy sex in the workplace to drunk driving in his company car. And so on. All sectors in all continents would have been paralyzed on the day as health care workers, public employees in bureaucracies of all kinds, probably throughout the media and Wall Street minus a few individuals, airport guards, and fandens great-grandmother (yes, she would probably personally got fired she also took with them their functions and disappeared. the

So we have category three. And here you can – if you are a fan of the Speilberg movie, Minority Reports and morals (if you only have seen half well and mark) and/or China’s justisvesen – make out the little that is of positive consequences of that which must be said to be a dystopia: all the murderers, pedophiles and bankranere could sporenstreks been the cage inside the wall-in-wall with the much-publicized criminals in narkotikabransjen that now at last would met their fate. About the consequences for the third category is desirable is an important discussion, but in this small leserbrevet something on the side. I’m using the anyway like to mention that they are already soon is there in places like Western China, by using a tremendous mixture of ansiktsgjenkjennings technology, eksessiv monitoring, islamophobia, and probably also a whole range of secret weapons, in the middle of the Midtens of the Kingdom of ever-growing technology arsenal.

Here and now I am however most interested in thinking around the category a and two (category “0”, it will say a type of illusory Gandhi who was never konebanker, or anything else, I have left out of what I hope are obvious reasons). And more specifically: what would have happened with them on day two and three, etc. One of the first things that would hit us all after the dust from the chaos on day one had begun to form, would have been a collective roar of a few thousand languages simultaneously. With a content something á la “Fanker’n we are certainly all in deep shit! Help, what do we do.”.

And further: “OOOOH, help what do I do with my broken legs, all ambulansesjåfører in the entire country have been fired!”. You can joke and laugh at this scenario, that even I with my brain, screwed in pieces because of its content of narcotic substances, hard to see for me. But I said may well that this has a certain certain situations. And that this is important, especially in “a time like now”. Take the consequences of the global cannabis use, for example. There are already several lawyers – also in Norway – that have pointed out that there is both a legal, democratic and, not least, a moralfilosofisk problem to potentially criminalize such a large percentage of the population.

Sex-avvikerne is also a chapter for itself. About absolutely everyone who has done something that we regard as the #metooesque would have been taken on the same day, we would – despite the fact that the bastards the had a taste of deserved medicine – also got a fairly big logistical problems. Of course, given that one imagines that to get the community’s wheels to go around at all should be a goal.

Day three-hope and I think we all would have taken a huge step back, drawn a deep breath. Maybe some even had scrolled a bit in the Bible. Around where the detachment which at least made a valiant attempt to create a 0-th category of fellow human beings, begins to rant about steinkasting. Despite both the barbarity and the very many unrealistic scenes have the Bible and the other religious bautaene a and another good anecdote here and there. And the about the breeding of the first rocks is clearly one of them. Moral of the story with my “orwellianske” nightmare, is simply that we must read the chapter in the Bible at least once. And preferably in the choir every man. We are unfortunately – or fortunately, depending on which technology camp you’re in – actually namely not so far from a reality in which the small mini-variants of this scenario can begin to pop up here and there.

Continue this development, we’re going to end up with to go to the cinema for virkelighetsorientering, to see people as both evil and good at the same time, instead of the escapism that we did in Jim Carreys heyday

We need to start to arm us for these sci-fi times fall over upon us, for the future is guaranteed does not The Jetsons. If we do not fit the us becomes the more Cormack McCarthy, Philip K Dick and the worse is. Let’s start to think a little more of how moral behavior we should expect of our next, and use the rocks along our way a little less on casting and a little more on the bridge building.