He is cute, chubby and is really into toy: And it is precisely this Hobby has brought to the little Ryan and his family a lot of money. Finally, the Mini-Youtuber in the shortest time to the top earners on the Online video platform: So, of the seven-year-old rich earned 19 million euros a year. You wonder how he managed to do? By presenting on his Youtube channel, Ryan toys review of his favorite toys!

Youtuber reviews toys – and with seven years already a Multi-millionaire

For two years, the mother of the little Influencers post every day a new Video, in which the sweet Brat, and his parents and twin sisters. With a huge success. The sale of the featured toys figures to be able to truly explode . When he was once asked in an Interview with the NBC television network, why would that be so, replied the Rascal, ” is Because I believe the people, and because I’m funny .”

Ryan’s mom even now have hung your Job as a chemistry teacher at the nail, in order to concentrate on the Internet career of her son, as the Online magazine The Verge reports. But how it came about that the started five-year-old, toys on Youtube review ? Because the Little one wanted it, so the mother against the media company Tubefilter.

One day he asked me: ‘How is it that I’m on Youtube, all the other children but ?’ the Since we decided that he can also . So we went to the nearest Store and bought him his first toy – I think it was a Lego-train-Set – and then it all started.” In Ryan, however, has also still enough time for school, be turned off most of the Videos on the weekend . And while he is in school, you will be edited by his mother.

Other children love Ryan’s Videos – and make him the top earners on Youtube

But who looks at the end of the Videos – it is the parents who are looking for ideas for Toys for the Little ones? Far from it. The business magazine Forbes, according to mainly children of the same age Ryan’s Videos to have a look at . If he plays well, therefore, at the beginning of the Videos only with the products, before he says anything about it?

From the lots of money Ryan will see nothing at first – so flow 15 percent of Ryan’s Savings to a Fund , on which he can access when he is of full age.

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