Max Verstappen is not yet a fan of the new Formula 1 regulations for 2026. He has expressed concerns about the complexity of the new rules and how they will impact the sport. One of the main issues Verstappen has with the regulations is the active aerodynamics that will be introduced. He believes that the changes may lead to problems on the straight stretches of the track, as the new rules aim to improve top speeds and racing quality.

Another point of contention for Verstappen is the weight of the cars. While the new regulations will make the cars smaller, narrower, and 30 kilograms lighter, Verstappen feels that this is not enough. He believes that the cars should be 100 to 150 kilograms lighter, but teams are unsure how to achieve this due to the heavier engines and new safety features.

Despite his reservations, Verstappen understands the reasons behind the new regulations. The Formula 1 is attracting interest from new engine suppliers like General Motors, as well as major new brands like Audi and Ford. This influx of new manufacturers will bring financial benefits and prestige to the sport. However, Verstappen and his fellow drivers are keeping a close eye on how the regulations will be implemented and how they will affect the sport.

Overall, Verstappen’s concerns highlight the challenges that the Formula 1 faces in balancing innovation and tradition. As the sport evolves, it will be crucial to address the drivers’ feedback and ensure that the new regulations enhance the racing experience for both fans and competitors. Verstappen and his colleagues are eager to see how the changes will unfold and how they will impact the future of Formula 1 racing.