for Four months was tough been negotiated, now that The old Prime Minister of Sweden should therefore also be of the new. On Wednesday, shortly after 10.30 am, the Chairman of the left party, Jonas Sjöstedt, Stockholm stood before the press and said. “The Left is included in the choice of the Prime Minister on Friday, the voice.” With these words, he made it after some initial Hesitation, the way for a new edition of the red-green minority government under the leadership of the social Democrats Stefan Löfven.

The political landscape has become massively

On the first glance, everything remains the same, but that is deceptive The political reality has since the parliamentary elections on 9 September is radically changed. In the last legislature ruled Löfvens red-green minority government with the support of the left party. Now she made a Pact with the two bourgeois parties – the centre and the liberals. The new government of Prime Minister Löfven is back in order, especially in economic policy significantly to the right.

In a 73-point Plan social Democrats, the greens, the centre and Liberal have agreed, among other things, on tax cuts for the wealthy and loosening of the employment protection act. In addition, the protection of tenants should be weakened. Critics see it as a waste of social-democratic Ideals.

But also the civil side to the charge of treason dropped. The 35-year-old center head Annie Lööf before the parliamentary elections, had promised again and again to support a new government Löfven. Now she’s doing it.

The populists gained solid

the result of the election had put the politicians in front of a difficult task. The two major parties, social Democrats and Conservatives, had lost massive votes. The nationalist Sweden Democrats, with their chief, Jimmie to Åkessonlegten significantly and were with almost 18 percent of the strongest force in the third. Neither for the left nor the conservative camp, it was enough to a own majority.

In a country in which large coalitions are uncommon, it was necessary to find a viable solution. An Option was a bourgeois minority government under the chairmanship of the conservative party leader Ulf Kristersson. You would, however, have been due to the proportions of votes for all the important votes in the Parliament from the support of the Sweden Democrats. “I will never negotiate with the Sweden Democrats,” promised Lööf before the election. And this promise she kept. Kristersson fell through in the election for Prime Minister in the Parliament.

Löfven can, ultimately, went to be satisfied

the left party, it is of vital importance to minimize the influence of the Sweden Democrats. Sjöstedt criticised the government’s plans Löfven massive, objected, but even more against a “conservative-brown government, when the people had to suffer under the racism of the Sweden Democrats”.

Thus, the new government is to see constellation as a clear rejection of a makes the participation of the populists. Lööf referred to them as the “better of two pretty bad Alternatives.”

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Sven Lemke Meyer

Löfven can ultimately be satisfied. He has achieved his declared aim, to smash the bourgeois camp. Easy it will not make him his new Partner. “We want to be a liberal thorn in the side of the social Democrats,” said Lööf.