Mikkel Skelskov, the father of Amalie Szigethys daughter, is accused in a comprehensive case on money laundering and receiving stolen goods by the gross nature of the case.

a total Of 16 persons accused in the case, which has been known in the public under the name of ‘Operation Greed’, for having committed tax fraud and receiving stolen goods for the amount of nearly 500 million dollars.

The indictment, which Ekstra Bladet has had access to.

Of the indictment, it appears that the 26-year-old Mikkel Skelskov as the director of the vekselbureauet Cash Me the Aps have broken both the criminal code and money laundering act in connection with transactions for a total value of at least 9.423.041 crowns.

the Indictment against Mikkel Skelskov

Mikkel Skelskov is accused of receiving stolen goods by the gross criminality and money laundering.

Of the indictment, it appears that Mikkel Skelskov was the owner and director of the currency exchange Cash Me Aps.

In the period 1. January 2015 to 1. October 2015 has Cash Me the Aps according to the indictment obtained 9.423.041 dollars into his account in Arbejdernes Landsbank.

The money was on several occasions transferred to two different exchange bureaux with a view to the exchange and subsequent payment, even though Mikkel Skelskov knew, or certainly suspected, that the money stemmed from illegal actions.

Also, he is alleged to have breached the money laundering act in the same period. As director and owner of Cash Me Aps he has, according to the indictment, intentionally or roughly negligently, the recorded business relationship with a company that is involved in Greed’s case. In this context, he has performed transactions with a total value of minimum 9.423.014 crowns.

Also, he is charged with breach of the money laundering act by not having investigated the many transactions without having examined the purpose, even though the transactions because of their number, sizes and character is believed to be related to money laundering or the financing of terrorism. Moreover, he has not noticed and stored the result of such studies.

Anklageskriftets last point regarding Mikkel Skelskov is also a question of breach of money laundering act, as Mikkel Skelskov executed transactions with a total value of minimum 9.423.014 crowns without having informed the public Prosecutor for Special Economic and International Crime (SØIK).

He has, according to the indictment does not put the transactions on hold, even though they because of their number, size, and nature gave rise to the suspicion related to money laundering or the financing of terrorism.

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Mikkel Skelskov is known for realityprogrammet ‘Room baby’ and his, to put it mildly stormy relationship with Amalie Szigethy. In the TV3 programme, he brought himself forward as a successful entrepreneur, and he has also referred to himself as just a successful businessman on Facebook and Instagram.

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Mikkel Skelskov will, according to his lawyer, Ole Schmidt does not speak with the press. The defender turns at the same time real, that his client refuses or is guilty of the charges.

– He (Mikkel Skelskov, red.) can not acknowledge the facts, he is accused of. He is accused of receiving stolen goods of 9.4 million dollars, which is the turnover for the vekselbureauet in the entire period, says Ole Schmidt.

According to the lawyer was Tempobet Skelskov not aware that vekselbureauet was used to receiving stolen goods and money laundering. Therefore, Mikkel Skelskov also further charged with three matters of breaches of the money laundering act, which the court shall consider if he may not be known to be guilty of receiving stolen goods of a particularly serious nature.

– he May not be convicted of receiving stolen goods, so he is secondarily charged in relation to the hvidvasklovgivningen. It is, because there you can be sentenced even for gross negligence.

the defence lawyer also tells his client at no time has been varetægtsfænglset in the case, And he takes it relatively quiet, although he is one of the defendants in the Operation Greed.

Mikkel Skelskov is not protected by a navneforbud, even though it applies to most of the 15 other defendants in the extensive hvidvasksag. His lawyer has the right to desire, to Mikkel Skelskov must be included of navneforbud, but the court has not taken a position yet.

My reasons for that I asked for navneforbud for Mikkel, is that it misses the sense, that there is navneforbud for him. Through him, perhaps you can identify the other defendants. Either there must navneforbud for all of them, otherwise there must not be navneforbud.

– It is similar to, that appeals to the Olsen Gang, but it is only Egon Olsen, who has navneforbud, says Ole Schmidt.

the Prosecutor in Operation Greed Maria Cingari has, according to the defence counsel, joined the repeal of the navneforbuddet against the other defendants in the case, when it has social interest.

At a hearing 12. december, the court takes a position on all the defendants navneforbud must be repealed.

Facts about the Operation Greed

Operation Greed is a big case, in which 16 people and three companies are charged with had cheated with tax and vat in different extent.

The defendants would have committed the vat and tax fraud and receiving stolen goods for the amount of nearly 500 million dollars.

the Police and the public prosecutor is of the opinion that the 16 persons have been part of an organised criminal network, who committed the chain fraud.

chain fraud is when a chain of companies has made fictitious invoicing. The many money, as they 16 have scammed through fake receipts, they have raised and sent through a long chain of businesses in order to launder them.

the Objective – in addition to money laundering – has been that you have been able to cheat with tax and vat through the fictitious invoicing and many transactions.

Out of the 16 defendants sitting five people still in custody. It has been since October of 2017, as a large number of officers went out to make arrests.

the Police have in connection with the Operation Greed made an extensive search at no less than 39 addresses, which were seized values for over 70 million dollars.

the Indictment against the 16 defendants are on 77 pages. The case itself, which must be conducted in court, is over 50,000 pages, where among other things, 5158 receipts has been reviewed.

the Trial in Operation Greed starts 19. december in the Copenhagen city Court. Allocated 77 days in court for the case, and after the plan will first be judged in January 2020.

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Skelskovs variegated past

A quick look in the cvr register reveals a number of bankruptcies and companies, where Mikkel Skelskov has been a director or served on the board. In fact, there is not a single one of the companies, which are not the subject of bankruptcy proceedings or dissolved by bankruptcy.

this, despite The fact that Mikkel Skelskov previously boasted to Ekstra Bladet, that he ’never even have gone bankrupt and have never made anything that failed’.

the Worst is the gone with the nightclub, the Gold, which lay in the centre of Copenhagen.

the Nightclub was run with a deficit of several hundreds of thousands of dollars, in Skelskov handed over the club to its bedrageridømte friend Mads Dinesen, who is primarily known as ‘Champagnedrengen’.

See also: After nightclub-bankruptcy: Amalie eksfyr convicted in court

After his natklubeventyr was Mikkel Skelskov in march 2017 sentenced to two years disqualification of company directors, which meant he either had to lead or start their own companies.

From natklubselskabet there was, according to the curator of the estate has been made cash withdrawals and transfers to Mikkel Skelskovs account of 138,000 dollars. The he explained, however, that he had had the attachment for the renovations of the night club.

In a half a year had not been led accounts at the nightclub, like that in the past had been flawed accounting. Also, there was not been made any reports to the Tax.

Back in 2012 founded the Mikkel Skelskov also two companies, Happyphone Smba, which would sell accessories for mobile phones, and Mygo ApS that would serve as the webstore.

one of the companies is dissolved after the bankruptcy, while the other stands as being under bankruptcy.