Do you miss your kitchen as well as a streamlined look that extra space? The combination is perfectly possible, with good planning and the latest technical solutions utilizing. Hidden and raised by pressing a button!

Urban rising angle

would you like that kitchen levels are empty and clean? Ala Carte Urban -kitchen electrical angle mekanisimi thanks to the even bigger kitchen appliances like the coffee maker or blender, can be hidden – but easily within arm’s reach.

you just Press a button and you get what you need kitchen appliances out! Just as quickly hide the goods angle into the depths.

the ceiling void use the press of a button!

Electronic wall cabinet Found

the Kitchen ceiling void is its name in accordance with the number of empty space in cabinets and työsa level between – but not anymore.

Button, press the space gets calculated grid, which is valuable storage space for, say, a vindaloo, a bottle or a knife. Pigeonhole can convert three different types of equipment options

Try a box in your plant under the light!

Urban garden

do you Want to always fresh herbs to your kitchen, but for those not in the right place?

Ala Carte kitchens Legrabox-drawers may be embedded in your own herb box the herb purkkeineen and plants with lights. How simple, one-box opening in front of you is a whole kitchen garden!

Who would guess, that this apukaapin opening up the whole women on wheels equipped with a table!


Especially small kitchens, the owners may like this solution. Due to limited space when the table space may be storage enabled and working space are not just worthy of the name. Petra-kitchens plus cabinet hides plenty of additional space for hinged countertop.

the Cabinet is also plenty of storage space – there you will find a pull-out drawer, a spacious level containers and other space for the goods.

Also the floor use!

plinth box

storage space maximization is always important, so also on the ground there. There however worth to invest in goods that are not of this this need. Plinth box is a good place for example the kitchen ladder. Kitchen world is developed by just a plinth in a box suitable for the size of the folding aputikkaa. They are quick to deploy the box and folded back into hiding.

Which of these would suit best for your kitchen? Check out new releases and book free design appointments to the nearest kitchen to the world in this.