Workers uniergonomia offers wild benefits with little investment. Sleeping impair work performance.

Finnish institute of occupational Health according to the study for two consecutive nights short-stay sleep impair performance and alertness.

doctor of Psychology Mikael Sallinen leading the project examined how the working week lasting partial sleep deprivation affect activities and how long the lack of sleep restored.

a pile of utuvalla univajeella is the most obvious impact positions in performance, perceived sleepiness, as well as the energetic of experience. Lack of sleep also impairs mental alertness.

sleep deprivation safety and the health risk

the Cumulative sleep deprivation of exposure to cardiovascular diseases, and Finnish institute of occupational health according to the study, even for a weekend-long recovery period sufficient to restore the situation to normal.

sleep deprivation can also make it difficult to learn new things. Especially dangerous cumulative sleep deprivation is safety critical tasks.

the results of the Study show that sleep restriction to about half of the normal one week period lead to unfavorable changes in many psychological and physiological activities.

in Practice, the results mean that the whole week of continuous partial sleep deprivation is likely for safety and health risk.

Psychological functions return quickly, while in contrast, many physiological changes may even enhance palautumisöistä despite.

the Study also found that the pile utuvalla univajeella is unfavorable effect skill memory. Work a short night’s sleep may appear, for example, the difficulty to learn new tools to use if they require motor skills.

System alert

the Finnish institute of occupational Health the results of the study show that the cumulative lack of sleep to tune the body’s alarm mode. This may mean that long-lasting partial sleep deprivation causes adverse changes in the immunological system.

during the working Week, the accumulation of partial sleep deprivation significantly impair cognitive performance of so simple alertness in Betpas demanding situations than in more complex tasks, the Result is remarkable in many safety critical occupations in terms of.

Univajeelle exposed the subjects to identify their own capacity deterioration. Sleepiness in addition to sleep deprivation suffer from the experience mainly due to exhaustion such as fatigue.

This reflects the likely human cooperation, and morale, both of which have key importance in current working life.

the Person’s own experience of sleep deprivation recovery does not necessarily mean that his body would be the fact restored. The research results showed physiological changes even after the subjects actually experience the feel pirteäksi.

Help your employees sleep well

Finnish institute of occupational Health the research also gave huojentavia information tired of working. Namely performance and alertness are restored quickly, as in a dream anti is sufficient.

– a Week of bad nights sleep after the worker’s state of alertness is as weak as one per mille drunk, Unikulma company expert Mika Laine said.

But on the other hand, the situation is quickly fixed on the right uniergonomia, Laine continued.

a Number of companies to remember christmas in their employees uniergonomia enhancing products and see the results of introducing different fresh employees.

Companies can get their workers, for example, a christmas card, which the employee can get the orthopedic pillow.

Employers are just waking up to how huge the enterprise, productivity can increase when employees are sleeping a good night’s sleep, Laine points out.

– a Proper pillow is also certainly the most desirable gift than a bottle of wine or a coffee package.

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