the Possibilities are many when you need to put the foot on the christmas tree, and the prices of juletræsfødderne varies greatly depending on what type and what design you choose.

It shows a price check, as Bolius has made the 16. november 2018.

There are generally 3 different types of juletræsfødder:

The old-fashioned trækryds, where the christmas tree nailed down solid. Can not be reused.Tree stand with water container. Here is a container in juletræsfoden, where the tree is clamped and the stand and sucks up the water. Can be re-used.Tree stand with pipe in the middle. Like the type with the water tank facing the tree strapped, but here there is no water storage tank. Can be re-used.

in Addition, you can also purchase a tree stand, which is intended for the garden. The foot is drilled down in the earth, and the tree is screwed or clamped.

The cheapest model is the old-fashioned trækryds, where the two boards are set at the intersections of each other and nailed up in træstammen on the christmas tree. These typically cost between 20 and 50 kr., but are not included in the price comparison, because people typically order a cheap foot with a christmas tree.

if you Buy an old-fashioned trækryds for themselves on the web, you will come according to Bolius’ price check typically to pay many times more in shipping than juletræsfoden costs.

When you need to put this kind of on the christmas tree, saver you the tree than right at the fældningsfladen and banker one or 2 nails up through the trunk.

– Although juletræsfoden of the type trækryds is an easy and inexpensive solution, there are also disadvantages of this type of tree stand. It can not be reused, it can be difficult to get the tree to stand straight, and the christmas tree have a tendency to tilt a little, says Tine R. Nice, expert in the subject of Bolius.

How to make a solid tree stand

It can be an advantage to buy a tree stand, where the tree is clamped with screws or steel cable and is lowered into a water tank, explains Tine R. Nice.

Water provides moisture to the tree. If you buy the tree relatively nyfældet, will the needles last a bit longer, before the fall of the. So this type of tree stand will give a little less work with vacuum cleaner. Moreover, this type of tree stand also be reused year after year. However, it is limited how much the water slows down the drying-up of the tree, she says.

Often in the types of water you can step on the juletræsfoden, so it opens its gripping jaws, when you bring the tree down in the foot. It makes it easy to get the tree to stand straight.

Juletræsfødder available in different sizes. The standard model from, for example, Krinner, intended for christmas trees up to 2.2 metres, available cheapest for 239 kr. incl. shipping. For comparison, the cost of the 554 kr. at pristjekkets most expensive dealer

If your tree is taller than 2.2 meters, you must buy a bigger tree stand, and then increases the price. The cheapest tree stand with water container from Krinner for a tree of 4 meters found Bolius at the Bauhaus, where the costs ca. 600 kr.

however, There are also many cheaper variants, where the manufacturer is unknown. For example, you can buy a tree stand with water reservoir to a tree on the 2.2-meter for under 200 kr. in Harald Nyborg.

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Rates for the Krinner Basic – 2.2-metre:

tree stand with pipe in the middle is available in several different design
If you go up in that juletræsfoden to dress the living room, it may be an idea to buy a tree stand, which is provided with a tube in the middle. It is the type of Dinamobet tree stand, which is available in most different types of design.

There are, for example, the stjernetakkede tree stand from the Skagerrak, which was previously known as the Trip Trap. It is available in different colors and materials, but also in different prices, depending on which retailer you look at. Bolius has chosen the model of teak, where eight thank form the star at the tree’s foot and with a gold-plated tank, which directs the tree’s trunk, which is then screwed in.

The cheapest in the Bolius’ price check is Thorsen Møbler A/S, which sells a Skagerak-tree stand to 1.885 kr.

Compared with last year, however, it can generally be said that prices have increased on this tree stand, and pristjekket shows that the prices depend on what color juletræsfoden have. For instance, there is a tendency that the color gray is a little cheaper than gold.
Rates for the tree stand from the Skagerak:

There are also cheaper variants of this type of tree stand.

Regardless of whether you choose the expensive or cheap, it is built in the same way:

Often it is shaped as a star. It is e.g. the case with the design from both the Skagerrak and Ferm Living.

– This type of foot has a tube in the middle of the juletræsfoden, in which the trunk is put down and clamped with, for example screws. It provides a stable christmas tree, which is hard to overturn, and juletræsfoden can be reused each year, says Bolius’ expert in the subject Tine R. Nice.

Some of the above models can also be used if you want the christmas tree to stand in the garden. But you can also buy models which are intended for garden, which can be drilled down into the earth.

In some cases includes juletræsfoden tool, which makes it easier to drill the foot down in the ground. But remember to check for how large your tree is. Even though you buy an outdoor tree stand, it is not certain that it can accommodate a larger christmas tree.

For outdoor juletræsfødder vary in design and prices too, but there are not manufacturers. In Bolius’ price check to obtain the cheapest outdoor tree stand at the Bauhaus, where the costs 199,95 kr.

Remember to look for in product descriptions are, how high your tree must be in order to fit in the foot.

Before you buy a tree stand on the internet, it is an advantage that you check prices to see if you can save money by purchasing the a specific place. It can, for instance, you do on the or Google.

On the way you can also assess whether juletræsfoden fit aesthetically into your home.

And remember, the listed price in many cases is not the full price. Often you must also pay to have shipped juletræsfoden with the post.

Bolius’ price check was made 16. november 2018 by visiting selected online shops, which sell one or more of the above types juletræsfødder. That can occur prices more expensive or cheaper than Bolius’ price check.

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Saw a few cm of the christmas tree at the bottom, so suck wood water better.Let the christmas tree stand outside a few days in a bucket with water before you put it into.Set the christmas tree in a tree stand with water, and remember to fill up regularly – so you expose that tree sprinkles.Do not place the tree near any heat sources such as radiators and stoves, as the faster it dries out.Have you purchased the spruce, blågrand or omorika, so the drug can aspirin in the water to prolong the tree’s life – the substance is found for example in the Kodimagnyl.Beware of the fire hazard, so check your smoke alarm, keep an eye out with the candle lights, turn them on when you go, and have fire-extinguishing medium standing ready.Use the christmas tree for example, firewood or wood chips for the protection of garden plants.

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