Safety and chemicals agency (Tukes) advise parents of safe toy buying.Under the 3-year-old for the toy should not really reading remove small parts. Most of the Photo

the Child’s delight intended for toy may be dangerous. Tukes tips to help purchase safe toys under the tree.

–the Child has the right to safe play and the role of adults is to ensure that the exposure of children while playing risk. Toy safety has been given many requirements, to which compliance are the responsibility of the toy manufacturer, importer and distributor. Parent’s responsibility is to control a little child’s games and give use only safe toys, told the agency’s inspector general Asta Koivisto release.

into Account at the time of purchase these things

– Less than 3-year-old referred to in the toy must not be, nor be removed, small parts, which a child could choke on. Small children’s toys have to be particularly fast, and they have to withstand throwing and banging decomposed.

– Check that the under 3 year-olds intended product shed easily stickers or other components such as, for example, plush toy eyes, the knob piece of the game to the knob, baby book section.

– Identify the warning and recommendation difference: age restrictions (forbidden for children under 3 years old) in addition, the products can be suositusikä entry, for example, 5+. Ratings based on product safe use, recommended ages, again based on the child’s capacity to play with the toy.

– the role of clothing is not allowed to be the head of the district long drawstrings, which a child could strangle.

– the Battery must not be easily demountable. For example, under the 3-year-old toy in the battery compartment have to be fastened with screws. Batteries can cause choking or ingestion internal organ damage.

– the Toy emitted a loud sound can damage a child’s hearing. Test a toy’s sound, if possible. Choose between two äänilelu from the lower voice to the model.

– Do not buy fragrance sensitive family scented toys. Toys has allowed the use of certain fragrances, but they may still cause fragrance sensitive symptoms.

– the CE marking, the manufacturer and importer’s name and address

– the necessary warnings and instructions for use in Finnish and Swedish

plush toy in the washing and care instructions

Indications and product information in the absence of can tell you that the toy manufacturer or importer are not aware of the safety requirements for toys. Toy the buyer is also good to know that from outside Europe bought toys do not necessarily correspond to the european safety requirements.

In 2018, withdrawn from the market toys

Tukes removed this year from the market 24 toys, of which 21 were ordered to collect out also consumers. In addition to the sales ban was given three toys. Toys test also in the extensive online shop promotion. Online store results of the campaign, to get more information on the campaign website. Tukes’s market remove most of the toys found on the market surveillance registry.

the withdrawal is a common cause of toy-induced suffocation. Consumers were ordered out to collect a number of the choking hazard toys, such as rattles, squishy toys and knob piece games. Other withdrawals from the market of the reasons were, for example, a toy strangulation Polobet hazard, too loud or chemical hazard.

Limat, squishy, spinners – are exact as novelty toys with!

Every year, the market will be new toys that can also be a variety of security risks. Squishy toys found as well as the chemical dangers of the choking hazard. Some of the spinnerei in battery compartment lid is too easily opened, when the button cell battery may be easily removed and pose a risk if children put it in mouth. In addition, Tukes, it has become known that the EU’s external trade has been ordered to reproductive hazardous substances slime play slime.

the Tukes ‘ market surveillance register and the announcements for more information about the different toys the dangers. In addition, the EU Safety gate system has data for EU-/EEA-countries ‘ authorities to detect dangerous products.

– the safety of Children is considered important, which is why toys are one of the most heavily product groups in Europe, Koivisto said.

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