In the canteen, the Z… schnitzel is on the menu, for dessert, there is N…kisses: Maybe the chef will explain to critical Demands, that has not been welcomed so that you says it, Yes, even evil, and that you can’t dictate how to name your dishes. The debate would be finished. Or the cook should think again about it?

“It is the own decision, as is spoken, of course, remains”, says Hans Jablonski, head of the consulting company jbd Business Diversity: “One may ask, however, that I Need to say that?” In operation, it may not belong also to other groups with names that they themselves reject for good reasons. It is far more than “Netiquette”, as Jablonski says: “This is a matter of appreciation. Language makes us.“

How to feel older employees is estimated Gewert?

Who is called and who is not? And how is talking about someone? In the internal communication of a company’s language can affect the Motivation of the employees. Jablonski remembers a Manager who stated at a meeting: “We expect a silver tsunami.” Was meant to be the rising proportion of Elderly in the workforce. This will know your expertise and your experience hardly appreciated when they are seen as a devastating Tsunami.

Linguistic sensitivity is required. This may mean that businesses be on familiar terms with where all of this with a view (especially) in the older part of the workforce to reflect critically on, says Jablonski. And so, as untranslated terms from the “Hipwelt” the Younger Older could exclude the possibility of running Older risk Younger to marginalize, if you speak in insider jargon. Employees with certain disabilities or those who do not speak English well, can messages help in easier language.

when you should not be surprised to be #metoo mentioned

Linguistically insensitive behaves, however, who asks a colleague or a colleague to her or his origin, just because he or she has dark skin. And the men that appeal to a colleague as a “mouse”, don’t have to wonder if they are mentioned under the Hashtag Metoo.

A language sensitive corporate culture not only prevents bad atmosphere in the Team. The operation may also hope to be able to his experts from a wider circle to recruit. And, it is possible to address the customers as precisely as possible, can increase the sales. “The previous target of customer in Marketing – the thirty-year-old Mrs Müller – there is no more,” says Jablonski. “The individualization of society progresses.” In times of digitization, companies can learn a lot about your customers, and aligning your speech to it.

gender identities: Many find it hard to keep track

What may be said, what is not? “Diversity creates complexity. This leads to confusion and uncertainty,“ says Jablonski. When it comes to gender identities, seems to be particularly the case. Many find it difficult to keep track of Oslobet them. People talk about, with your assigned gender as a woman or as a man does not agree, because they identify in spite of congenital physical traits with the other sex. Non-binary, gender queer or gender fluid people lead a life between the binary drawers. Others wish to be provided with a label and reject all gender roles, you want to live “entgendert”.

How to deal with such people, in turn, is a question of appreciation. About someone one day in the office, declaring: “I am now Michael Schulz, but Michaela Schulz”, it goes without saying, these people from now on as Michaela, respectively, than Mrs Schulz. Cross-border questions (“Are you out of surgery?”) ban. Something else is to show polite interest. Then Michaela Schulz choose who you want to tell.

How to talk gender fluid people

In the work environment, it may happen that someone asks to be neither “woman” nor “Lord”, but only with the name, Chris Miller. The form of address for such a gender fluid or entgenderte Person in an e-Mail could then read: “Very honored* Chris Smith” or “Dear* Chris Müller”. In English, there is as a gender-neutral variant in addition to Mr, Mrs and Ms, more recently, the Mx, the already to the Oxford English Dictionary

it was added Difficult it is to talk about such non-binary people. The pronouns “he” or “she” eliminated, “it” is an insult. In English, Chris bought a new bike has been used for this case, the gender-neutral “they”: “. They paid a lot for it.“ Sweden has taken a few years ago, the gender-neutral pronoun “hen” to its official word list.

“language must represent reality”

Because were not able to enforce proposals for a new pronoun in German, want some of binary people, the Swedish “hen” or the English “they” as a pronoun: “here, Chris. They looks stressed.“ A specific pronoun is not desired, it is in any case correct to say, instead of the pronoun to the name: “that’s where Chris comes in. Chris looks stressed.“ So to speak, it is unusual and looks so weird. Exercise helps. You accidentally used “he” or “she”, you can excuse yourself briefly.

“the language has to reflect the reality,” says Jablonski. “But because of the prevailing complexity that can be difficult.” Some of it will develop. It could, however, be the setting of your own, so to speak, that all feel properly addressed. He had experienced in the company of the “hardliners”, the first on the tyranny of the supposed voice of the police excited. After some Thought, they have changed their attitude.

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