“Shorten admits defeat in Australienvalet”

“Australia’s ruling conservative coalition looks to have secured the victory.”

“Laborledaren Bill Shorten admits that the party lost the australian election.”

“– But to cling to any false hopes, while there is still a million votes to be counted and important mandate, which is to be fixed, so it is clear that Labor will not be able to form the next government, he says, according to the australian ABC.”

“In connection with him to admit defeat announces Bill Shorten that he will not stand for re-election as leader of Labor.”

“All now have a responsibility to respect the election results and seek to unite Australia,” he says, and continues:”

“– The task becomes, however, a Laborpartiets the next leader. I intend to continue to serve as the member for Maribyrnong, but will not be a candidate in the next ledarskapsval in Labor.”

“Australia’s ruling conservative coalition looks to have secured the victory in Saturday’s election, reports the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC). Bell media notes, however, that it is doubtful whether the coalition retains an absolute majority, reports Reuters.”