One of the newer era’s most hyped vehicles are on the road to Denmark.

It’s called the Tesla Model 3, and the u.s. elbilproducents bid on a cheap electric car with long range. The car is thought of as a smaller and more simple version of the popular Model S but the model has, nonetheless, caused Tesla great problems in its short lifetime.

the Model 3 has thus been unusually long in coming, and only now – 2.5 years after the first official launch – there are provided a date for the Danish launch.

The first copies will according to bilistorganisationen FDM roll out on the Danish roads in February 2019.

It is not, however, mean that one can book the car yet. In addition to the potential buyers to arm themselves with a bit more patience, for Tesla will first the end of the month open to design and order the car through the manufacturer’s website.

Tesla has not announced the final price yet, which according to the FDM due to the political uncertainty that until recently has been about the future taxes on electric cars.

Just the price has been the subject of much media coverage, because the first version of the car was far from being the cheap car, Tesla had promised, when it was Pinbahis launched in the UNITED states. Instead of offering the basisudgave to around 230.000 dollars, as you had advertised, has Tesla in a long time, only built the car with the largest possible battery for a price of approximately 322.000 dollars.

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It is also this version, which to start with will be available in Denmark. According to the FDM the car will be available in two versions, Dual Motor and Dual Motor Performance, both of which have the large battery and all-wheel drive, but different performance.

the electric car will supposedly be able to cope, respectively, 544 and 530 miles on one charge, according to the new WLTP-norm.

Earlier in the week was the first Tesla Model 3 presented for the Danish customers, who have forhÄndsreserveret a car. However, it was an american edition, and according to bilistorganisationen it is still uncertain whether the european version is going to differ from this.

It is also an open question, when the cheaper variants of the car will be launched in Denmark. The basic version is not yet ready in the UNITED states, but the Tesla is, in turn, started to build a version with a medium-sized battery.

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